September 21st, 2008

reflections, SG: John alone

Current projects

1. Finish fiddling with second apocaplyse_kree fic and post it. Due September 30th.
2. Write sg_rarepairings fic. Due October 27th.
3. Write spook_me fic. (Teal'c! Vala! Halloween! And John/Cam, of course, as John temporarily joins SG-1.) Due October 27th.
4. Write xfileyourfandom fic. (The X-Files was the first fandom I joined; I had to do it. Besides, John and Cam as FBI agents? Irresistible! Unless I make Ronon and Teyla the FBI agents instead....) Due November 3rd, with some flexibility.
5. Fandom Free-For-All fic? (There's a few people looking for John/Cam there. And then I could ask for more John/Cam. But given how many other things I have due around that time, I'm not sure I can do it.) Due October 29th, with a little flexibility.

At least it looks like sg_flyboys is going to be delayed for a little bit.