May 24th, 2011

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sga_guide: John/Cam

I know many of you have been hard at work on your sga_guide. I, on the other hand, have been terribly derelict in my duties. So in the interest of setting a good example, I'm working with somehowunbroken to get the John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell page done.

Once we have a draft of the full page ready, we're going to post it over at [community profile] sg_flyboys & sg_flyboys and ask for feedback. Before we get that far, however, I'd like to get some fanworks recs so that we can be sure our list of recs reflects the general consensus of John/Cam fans and not just our personal tastes. Since I know I have a lot of John/Cam fans on my flist, I thought I'd start here. (Anyone not on my flist who stumbles across this post is also welcome to leave recs! It's a public post for a reason.)

So consider this a call for recs! For those of you not participating in the guide, the kinds of things we're looking for are:
  • Touchstone works: works that everyone who cares about this character or relationship has read, or at least knows about
  • Works that do a great job of exemplifying a popular trope
  • Works that do a great job of countering a popular trope
  • Works that people who like this character or relationship all seem to love (regardless of your perception of the quality of the work)
  • Works that do a great job of exemplifying a trope that's popular in fandom, even if it's not common for this character or relationship
  • Works that highlight a particular author who writes this character/relationship a lot
  • Works that do something interesting or unusual or that strike you as particularly well-written
  • Works that you personally really, really like

That list is roughly in descending order of important, but you're welcome to contribute recs to any or all of those categories. Art and vid recs are welcome too. I'd appreciate it if you could leave a line about why you're recommending a particular piece, even if it's just copying and pasting one of the reasons from the list above, and maybe customizing it (e.g., which trope).

The final page will include between ten and twenty-five recs, so I don't guarantee that everything that gets mentioned here will show up. The more times a piece is mentioned, the more likely it is to make the list, so feel free to recommend things you think others will have already covered.

If you have other suggestions (common tropes, a link to a John/Cam fic rec page, etc.), please include those too!

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