July 26th, 2011

Covert Affairs: Annie

A random kind of post

A list! Because I like to copy [personal profile] colls. And because I look less rambly this way.

1. LiveJournal was working for me for a while, but now I've lost the ability to post or comment. At least I can still read things, which puts me ahead of where I was yesterday. Fourteen hours with no LJ access at all! I swear I was going through withdrawal.

2. Prompting for apocalypse_kree is going well. We're getting more vague, suggestive prompts than specific scenarios, but I think that's fine. People can always come up with scenarios when they write. I think there are slightly more SGA prompts than SG1 prompts, but we have a pretty good mix. Nothing for SGU yet, unfortunately. I really need to find an SGU-space to advertise, but I'm not sure one exists.

3. I may have joined another land comm. Procrastination FTW! But fantasyverse looks like fun. Vampires, kick-ass women with swords...what more can you ask for?

4. Gateworld is starting its massive Stargate re-watch next week: all seventeen seasons, one season per month, into 2012. I'm kind of tempted to play along and see if I can keep up. (This week they're doing a pre-watch of the original movie, to get people in the mood.)

5. Porn Battle XII is open for prompts on LJ and DW. Any fandom, any pairing. Prompting closes on Friday.

6. [community profile] multiverse5000 is also open for prompts! It's a claim-a-prompt crossover challenge for space-type shows and books. Prompting is open until the end of the month.

ETA: Any stargateland people reading this--I can't start tonight's Nutsy Bolts game because I can't post. Well, I suppose I could edit this afternoon's post, but I don't think anyone would see it. I can't edit posts either. So if you see this and are able to post and want to get the ball rolling, please feel free. The game was supposed to start at 8:00pm EDT.

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