August 1st, 2011

SG: Sam & Cam

Still more kissing

So gaffsie recently noticed that both mcsmooch and non_mcsmooch seem to have died a few months ago and decided to rectify that situation by creating a new, consolidated SGA kissing community: sga_smooch. At which point she and I discussed and agreed that there's really no reason that SGA should have all the fun. (Especially since, if you go by what actors say at cons, there was a whole lot more kissing happening on the SG1 set than the SGA set.)

Therefore, I now present you with sg1_smooch.

Both communities are open for entries from now until August 14th, and will periodically be open in parallel from now on. If you're not too busy writing for the Porn Battle, why not stop by?

Oooh, and while I have your attention, let me also point out that prompt claiming is now open at apocalypse_kree, in case you want to come help end the world.

(P.S. If any of you would like to volunteer to be the back-up admin at sg1_smooch, let me know. You probably won't have to do anything; I just like having contingency plans in place.)

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