August 12th, 2011

SG: SG-1 Team outdoors

Kissing and blowing things up

There are two days left to post kissing fic at sg1_smooch and sga_smooch this round, so I'm going to steal from gaffsie and ask for SG1 or SG1 crossover pairings to write. And prompts, too, if you feel so inclined. But just the pairing works.

I make absolutely no promises that I will write what's requested--I'm often quite terrible at filling these kinds of prompts--but I will try. (I'm also picky about pairings, so while you're welcome to suggest any SG-1 combination, I do not promise that the results will be a romantic or sexual kiss.)

(Also, while I'm here, I'll also note that there are two days left in the initial prompt claiming phase of apocalypse_kree. As of August 15th, people will be free to claim additional prompts if they wish. Prompt claiming will remain open for everyone until September 30th. I probably ought to go claim a prompt myself...)

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