November 15th, 2011

SG: Carolyn


1. gaffsie and I have extended sg1_smooch and sga_smooch for an extra week, so if anyone was thinking of putting together some Stargate kissing fic/drabbles/art, you now have until Sunday. This totally isn't because I still have prompts I want to fill. Really.

2. Over on DW, [community profile] fancake is currently taking apocalyptic fic recs, in case anyone has any to share. (And speaking of apocalypses, I should really get the masterlist up for the third round of apocalypse_kree. Which will give me a chance to hunt down some stories to rec too.)

3. Responses are a bit light this round for [community profile] sg_five_things | sg1_five_things, if anyone wants to go write about what Lorne very carefully did not see, or five close calls, or what people did at the First Annual Atlantis Talent Show. (They had to make their own entertainment that first year, right?)

4. rarewomen is currently taking nominations for rare female characters in non-rare fandoms for their upcoming fic exchange. (Rare in this case means the characters play a major role in less than 20% of the stories in that fandom or feature prominently in fewer than five hundred stories, depending on the size of the fandom. ALL female characters in rare fandoms are eligible, regardless of how prominent a role they play in fic in that fandom.) I made a first pass at SG-1, but I'm sure I missed a bunch of great female characters, and so far no one's nominated anyone from SGA or BSG. (Sign ups aren't until January, in case anyone's worried about overlap with the many holiday exchanges.)

5. I had a fifth thing. I don't remember what it was. There's more gift giving! Over at insmallpackages. In case you don't have enough to do already. Or just really love gifts. (It's a good place for non-fannish requests too, btw.)

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