January 3rd, 2015

Intelligence: Gabriel 2

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a good holiday, if you celebrated any of the recent holidays. Mine were typical: turkey and family and gifts on Christmas, and then Chinese food and slightly less family on New Year's Day. It was nice.

My week of reception temp work ended up being very quiet, which gave me time to read some Yuletide fic. I got THREE Intelligence stories, two in the main collection from my assigned author, and a Madness ficlet from someone else. So, so awesome!

Mom Knows Best (4414 words) is a Gabriel/Riley fic that picks up where the series finale leaves off, and I Carved a Block of Wood (2342 words) is a pre-series look at Gabriel & Shen's relationship not long before Riley comes on the scene. They're both by shetiger, and they're both awesome and worth reading if you liked the show. And Dear George (332 words, gen) by misura is a cute look at some other possible uses of the chip, and very, very Nelson.

My story was Tidings of Comfort and Joy (2735 words, gen), a Believe story focusing on Tate and Bo, with appearances from Winter and Channing.

This weekend I'm working on gameofcards challenges and [community profile] fandom_stocking. I'm also debating whether to sign up for shipswap. I do have a few rare pairings I like right now, but they mostly involve single-episode guest stars, which might be a bit difficult to match on. (Seriously. How did I end up shipping THREE pairings involving characters who only show up once?) So I might skip it. I haven't decided yet.

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The Mentalist: Jane outside, Mentalist: Patrick Jane

Fanfiction Year in Review

Huh. I wrote more than I thought, actually.

There are two categories of fic here. The first list is things I wrote for exchanges; fic that was beta read and edited and posted to AO3. The second list are stories I wrote for gameofcards, which were written in a hurry, and posted unedited and untitled. Read it at your own risk.

Collapse )

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I keep meaning to edit and expand some of these. Maybe one day I will.

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