October 12th, 2020

Gen: Owl

Tis the season for seasonal exchanges

The tag set for [community profile] yuletide_admin has been revealed, and the countdown has begun for sign-ups, which are slated to open on Friday.

For those who missed nominations, or who are looking for a less rare, non-Yuletide-eligible fandom, nominations are now open at [community profile] mistletoe_exchange, a new all-fandom ship exchange.

I'm torn on which I'd rather do, if any. My track record on actually finishing writing in a timely fashion hasn't been great lately and I hate spending the days before Christmas either scrambling to write or feeling guilty because I'm not writing. On the other hand, I love actually finishing things and receiving fic and being part of the excitement. I've nominated for both, so I might wait for the letter and see if I find any of the requests inspiring. This entry was originally posted at https://skieswideopen.dreamwidth.org/250510.html, where it has comment count unavailable comments. Comments are equally welcome on either entry.