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Dear Genex Author

Dear Genex Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm excited to see what you do!

So first of all, optional details are definitely optional. If you have a great idea for a story about these characters, please go ahead and write it, and don't worry about my specific prompts. I want to read the story you want to read. (Although if you can try to avoid my "do not wants," I'd appreciate that.)

Second, I'm pretty flexible on genre. Action, plot, character studies, slice of life's all good. Whatever the story calls for.

If you want more info:

Things I Like: Competence (so much love for characters being competent!), friendship, secrets being revealed, first times of all kinds, stories that draw on the characters' pasts (e.g., past events coming up, family or old friends making an appearance, etc.), brief moments of vulnerability from otherwise stoic characters, stories that pick up dropped plot threads, and characters doing the right thing even when it costs them. Plot or character driven are both fine; I like both action and introspection. Happy fic is good, and so is mild to moderate angst with a happy or hopeful or bittersweet ending. I also enjoy a good trope story from time to time. (Some of my favourite tropes can be found here, if that kind of thing appeals to you.)

Things I'd Rather Not Read: Genderswap, long and detailed descriptions of recoveries from non-canon traumatic events, and crack. I'd also rather avoid complete AUs (coffee shop AUs, high school AUs, etc.).

Other Things: I have squicks but no triggers. I'm good with character death if that's where the story takes you, including main and requested characters, unless otherwise noted. Background non-con is fine if it's helpful for the story, but I'd rather it not be the primary focus of the story. I'm always good with canon pairings showing up. (Obviously not as the focus in this particular exchange, but you don't have to pretend they don't exist or anything like that.) I'm equally fine with present or past tense fic.

And finally, I'm skieswideopen on AO3 as well.

Battle Creek
Requested Relationships: Russ Agnew & Milt Chamberlain, Russ Agnew & Kim Guziewicz

Russ Agnew & Milt Chamberlain

Milt and Russ's relationship is the heart of the show and I've love further exploration of it, especially post-series. How do things change for them after Milt's revelation? Does Russ start to trust him, or does he believe (probably correctly) that Milt still has a whole truckload of secrets? If you want to address one of the unanswered questions about Milt, that would be great. What's up with the international childhood? Why has he had twelve assistants? Why won't his mother speak to him? Who did he try to save who didn't want to be saved? Was there more to him being sent to Battle Creek besides the story he gave Russ? Does Milt even know the real reason he was sent to Battle Creek? Or give me more about Russ's story. What was his childhood really like? How did he decide to become a cop and what happened when he told his mother? Does he ever accept Milt's offer of a beer?

Or just have the two of them hanging out and bickering, or solving a case, or one helping the other in some unexpected way off-duty. If you want to pull in a trope like forced proximity or truth serum or a road trip, that could be fun too.

Russ Agnew & Kim Guziewicz

I'm really interested in Russ's relationship with Guz. She was the protégé and handpicked successor of a man who detested Russ to the point of holding up his promotion to detective...and yet she clearly trusts and values Russ, even making him a major figure in her son's life, while still retaining a good relationship with her predecessor. I'd be happy to read about any point in their relationship: Russ's early years on the force or their relationship when she was first promoted to commander or one of the events helped her recognize his potential or some shared experience that built their bond or her take on Russ as conveyed to Milt or Holly or the two of them hanging out off-duty or anything else you can come up with.

Battlestar Galactica
Requested Relationships: Lee Adama & Laura Roslin

Lee Adama & Laura Roslin

Lee and Laura's relationship--their unexpected alliance, their mutual tutoring of each other--was one of my favourite parts of season one. I'd love to see more of that friendship/mentoring: a quiet moment of friendship, Lee succeeding in preventing the coup by his father and what happens next, Laura more explicitly grooming Lee for politics or Lee otherwise taking an earlier political role, unexpectedly useful advice from one to the other, his reaction to her death. Or whatever else you like.

I'm happy to read a what-if, fork-in-the-road style AU if that's the direction you want to go. I'm not a big fan of the ending of the series, so you're definitely welcome to change that if you need to. Or canon-compliant fic is always good too.

Requested Relationships: Marcus Bell & Sherlock Holmes, Marcus Bell & Joan Watson

I'm not breaking this one up because my requests for these relationships are pretty similar. I really like Marcus's friendships with both Sherlock and Joan: Sherlock's inability to resist pushing Marcus to be the best detective he can be--with the best of intentions!--and Joan's willingness to offer help as it's needed. I'd be happy to read more about either of those friendships, especially if we got to learn a little bit more about Marcus along the way. Case fic, trope fic, needed-but-not-welcome interference, reluctantly requested assistance with a personal dilemma, a drink and conversation...whatever you like. Maybe Marcus gets framed for something and Joan and/or Sherlock work to clear him or maybe he and Joan commiserate on the difficulties of working with Sherlock or maybe he and Sherlock get stuck together somewhere or anything else, really.

Madam Secretary
Requested Relationships: Henry McCord & Dmitri Petrov, Dmitri Petrov & Talia Petrova

I felt very bad for Dmitri, who was largely manipulated into spying for the US and subsequently betrayed, and so I was relieved to see him alive and safely in US custody. I'd really love to see something that addresses what happens to him after the trade, either in the immediate aftermath or after he returns to the US and has adjust and find a new path for himself.

Henry McCord & Dmitri Petrov

Henry recruited Dmitri as a spy and then failed to provide the protection he promised (albeit not for lack of trying). Dmitri clearly has mixed feelings about Henry when he's released, and Henry--despite successfully recovering Dmitri--is probably still carrying a fair bit of guilt. I also imagine that Henry, with his strict moral code, will feel like he owes Dmitri more than just getting him out of Russia, especially since it was really Elizabeth who secured his release. do things go for them after Dmitri returns to the States? Did Dmitri pretty much forgive Henry in that moment at the border checkpoint, or is he still angry? Dmitri has to build a whole new life for himself. What kind of support or help does Henry offer? Do the two of them manage to make peace? And what does Dmitri do with himself after he recovers? Does he regret his decisions? How does he feel about events in Russia after his departure? (Feel free to make up what you like here as far as events in Russia go.) Does he get drawn back into the US intelligence community in some role--perhaps during a crisis--or is he completely done with that part of his life?

Alternately, I'd be interested in seeing more of what might have been going on in Dmitri's head during his tenure as a US spy, or even before that, during his early days in Henry's class.

Dmitri Petrov & Talia Petrova

Dmitri essentially sacrificed his entire life to save his sister. How does she feel about that? Does she move to the US with him? What's that like for her? How does she feel about accepting help from Henry now that she knows Dmitri is still alive?

Or tell me about their relationship when they were younger--when their father died, or their mother, or when Dmitri joined the military or when he went off to the US, maybe--or those lonely months when she believed her brother was dead. Or talk about their relationship from Dmitri's point of view.

Final Notes

If you're writing something post-"Vartius," I'm okay with Dmitri struggling with the transition and I'm also okay with him having an easy transition and surprising people with his resilience. Either way, though, I'd prefer a happy ending or an ending that offers some hope for future happiness for him.

Thank you again for writing for me! I hope you have fun!

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