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Reactions to Timeless 2.01

- Marie Curie!

- Emma is an awful person. I totally get her jealousy. She's still awful.

- Lucy's mother has questionable judgement. Why didn't she raise her daughter in Rittenhouse, brainwashing her from an early age, instead of deciding to spring it on her as an adult? What did she really think would happen?

- Saying the bad guys have been in the past for two days now makes absolutely no sense. Because time travel. The past has all already happened, including all the days they were there. And on the other hand, you could jump back to exactly when they arrived. Because time travel. The show will never acknowledge that because it would derail the whole plot, but still.

- Has the military not noticed that Wyatt has disappeared? Are they not a little concerned that he isn't checking in? Is it that he's on some sort of detached duty where they don't pay attention to anything he does until they hear from him again? Or are they assuming he's dead from the explosion?

- I'm glad they've decided to push ahead with Lucy/Wyatt instead of playing will they/won't they. Now I'm just hoping they don't find some excuse to make the two of them pull back from each other. Let it play out. (Although it would be deeply ironic if Rittenhouse decided to break them up by saving Wyatt's wife.)

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