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Timeless 2.03 (and a little bit about 2.02)

So I'm rather heartbroken by last night's Timeless. I wasn't entirely surprised by the twist at the end--I half-jokingly predicted a slightly different take on it a little while ago--but it's still kind of devastating. I mean, hurray for Wyatt, who finally gets what he so desperately wanted, and it's certainly lovely that his wife didn't die horribly, but I'm so sick of will they/won't they stories and throwing up obstacles to love along the way.

Now that she's back, I'm curious how Jessica remembers things happening. Have she and Wyatt been together this whole time in her world? Have they been separated? I assume she's the one who texted him? Maybe? (Also, this is another issue I have with the show. What happens to the people who lived those lives? Do they just disappear when the time-travelling version returns? Or maybe they get knocked into a parallel universe? I mean, I guess it makes sense that the characters wouldn't necessarily know what happens, but shouldn't they ask the question?)

I wonder if this means Wyatt will be out for a bit? That would explain how they're going to incorporate Flynn into the three-person lifeboat. Especially after they were so careful to emphasize this episode that it was only for three people, and that there are dire consequences for exceeding that limit.

Other thoughts:

- I wish Jiya would explain that she's seeing the future, instead of hiding it. It might tell them more about what's going on with her! It might be useful on missions! In general, more communication would probably help the team.

- All of the characters clean up so nicely! I really think there should be more tuxes on the show.

- Jurassic Park? Ha! I'm curious how he would have pulled off the dinosaurs back then.

- Lucy and Wyatt finally getting together made me very happy for as long as it lasted, and Rufus saying he had to tell Jiya but wouldn't tell anyone else was delightful.

- On 2.02: It was nice getting a little more about Wyatt's background last week. We already knew his father was a bastard, but the details were enlightening. I'm curious, though, where he found the time to finish high school after running away from home at 15 and taking up drug smuggling. Did he end up in foster care somewhere along the way? Also, despite Lucy calling him a hothead, Wyatt seems pretty emotionally stable to me (outside of situations related to his murdered wife, which is understandable), and I like the fact that he seems to have put his past behind him.

- Can we get more on Rufus's or Jiya's background next? Don't they have people who miss them?

- My new favourite crossover fanfic idea involves Gabriel and Riley from Intelligence stumbling across Rittenhouse in one of their investigations and swooping in to help. Gabriel and Wyatt probably already know each other from Gabriel's Delta days, and I'm sure Agent Christopher would admire Lillian Strand. There's all sorts of potential there.

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