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Lucifer 3.23: Quintessential Deckerstar

I'm really questioning whoever came up with that title.

We're finally back to Lucifer/Chloe! Which is to say, sensible, level-headed Chloe Decker is once again making very odd choices in regard to her personal life. From her perspective, she's now involved with a man who insists he's literally the devil. She (quite understandably) doesn't believe that he's really the devil, so what does she think is going on there? Genuine delusions? Guilt-ridden/badly abused and speaking in metaphors? Really dedicated cosplay? It just seems like something that should give her pause.

But then, she did agree to marry her boss after a handful of dates, so maybe she just doesn't have great judgement when it comes to men.

Despite all that, I really loved the scene where they finally get together. It was a nice pay-off after the frustration of the last few episodes, and Tom Ellis was fantastic as the devil completely undone. Also, seeing Chloe seeking comfort from Lucifer at the crime scene, finally feeling like she can count on him, was lovely. (If we get anything at all out of the last few episodes, please let it be that Lucifer's epiphany about the value of a partner you can count on sticks.)

So, will they eventually have Chloe learn the truth? (And will she then try to break things off once she realizes that her presence makes Lucifer physically vulnerable to harm?) I'm rooting for her to find out very dramatically, say by having Lucifer catch her (or Trixie) mid-fall from a great height and fly them up again. I'm not sure anything less would crack that solid shell of disbelief. And I just saw 3.15, which I somehow missed the first time, and realized that's already been done, after a fashion.

Speaking of Chloe's questionable taste in men, I'm disappointed in Pierce. I was hoping that he would turn out to be a reasonably decent person, someone who'd learned something through the millennia and become a better man for it, but apparently not. Though they've been pretty inconsistent in writing him, so maybe it shouldn't be a surprise.

But poor Charlotte! She deserved better than that.

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