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Fic Snippet Meme

There's a WIP meme going around, and since I have plenty of those, I thought I'd play. So...lines and snippets from various stories that I started and haven't yet finished. Five of the nine are John/Cam, three are gen, and one is another pairing. Two are from challenges (not exchanges) whose deadlines are now past, one is from a cliche_bingo fic, one is from my [info - community] cm_tropefic fic, and a couple are from stories I'm writing just for fun. At some point I'd like to finish all of these.

1. McKay swallowed hard and looked away from her, gaze focusing on the small office's single window. His voice, when it came out, was low and just a little surprised, as if he couldn't quite believe his own words. "I think someone's trying to kill me."

2. Sam raised a skeptical eyebrow at the sign. "The Crawling Hand Inn? They've got to be kidding."

3. Cam had been on Atlantis six months by then, long enough to have some sense of how the Pegasus Galaxy worked, long enough to have begun grasping local culture, and certainly long enough to know to run when the marines guarding the gate radioed that two Wraith darts had just come through.

4. The Athosian traders hadn't come here because when the Athosians were first given this particular address by a passing traveler, the elders who were skilled in the art of chakri, of divination of the symbols, had decreed this place taboo.

5. Cam lost his watch when he was taken prisoner, so he has trouble keeping track of time on Moya.

6. Actually, it probably began earlier than that, on some other world where Cam had lifted or touched or brushed against some apparently innocuous item that for once had done its work without glowing or squealing or knocking him across the room or rendering him unconscious.

7. "Nah," Cam said, looking amused. "Well, that too, but I meant after you're finished with the Air Force. You know, assuming you don’t get yourself killed on some crazy suicide mission before retirement or decide to set yourself up as King on some little planet somewhere. What are you thinking of doing?"

8. "An evacuation where?" Dave demanded in frustration. He took a deep breath and tried to even his tone. "Dad, if you're right, the whole planet is going to be devastated."

9. "They went for ice cream, Sheppard," Cam said, suppressing a grin. "Not a siege. They'll be fine. Vala probably held them up by insisting on sampling every flavour in the store."

Huh. Looks like Cam's at the centre of nearly everything I'm writing right now. Well, he can use more stories, right?
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