skieswideopen (skieswideopen) wrote,

So many pretty prompts

Seven of my prompts and five John/Cam prompts have now been claimed at sg_rarepairings (and yes there's some overlap there), which makes me inordinately gleeful.

I haven't claimed a John/Cam yet prompt because I'm waiting to see how my Cam/Aeryn story goes (have I mentioned that opening sg_rarepairings to crossovers made me very happy?), but if I have time, I'll write John/Cam as well. Assuming there are any prompts left, that is. I think perhaps I should have pushed the DW sg_flyboys community a little harder there.

I kind of wanted to write BSG/Stargate, since I'm in the middle of rewatching BSG right now and rather excited about it, but none of the prompts are calling to me. *shrug* Maybe for my xover_exchange assignment, if I happen to get those fandoms. In the meantime, I suspect twelvecolonies will give me lots of opportunities for BSG fannish creation.
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