skieswideopen (skieswideopen) wrote,

After the End of the World (BSG, Kara, PG-13)

Title: After the End of the World
Author: skieswideopen
Characters/Pairing: Kara/Sam, Lee/Dee, Kara/Lee
Word Count: 300
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It’s not that she expected him to spend the rest of his life alone, pining for her while she built a life with Sam. It's just that Dee is so...nice.
Note: Drabble written for a twelvecolonies relationship fic challenge.

She feels a twinge every time she sees them together.

It’s not that she expected him to spend the rest of his life alone, pining for her while she built a life with Sam. She might call herself irreplaceable, but she isn't that egocentric. It's just...Dee's so nice. So reliable. So easy. So like every other girl Kara watched Lee cycle through, back before the end of the world.

So unlike Kara.

She begins placing quiet bets with herself on how long they’ll last. She loses every time. And then the Cylons come, and she has other things to worry about.

After the reconciliation, when everything is almost the way it was, she finds herself watching them. Watching him. She starts wearing sunglasses to briefings so that she can stare undetected. She drags Sam to the new bar so that she can spy on Lee as he smiles at his wife. She haunts anywhere he might go.

She can't take her eyes off of him.

She catches herself cataloguing him, relearning all the things she forgot during the months on New Caprica. The precise colour of his eyes. The angle of his jaw. The low rumble of his laugh.

Sometimes, when she notices one of these things, she turns around and kisses her husband until they’re both breathless. She's not sure how Sam doesn't notice where she's looking. She's not sure he doesn't notice. She’s not sure she cares.

She never pretends that Sam is Lee. Not when he’s holding her, and not when she’s kissing him, and certainly not in bed. She learned that lesson. You live with your choices.

Sometimes she wonders how happy Lee is, with his quiet wife and their quiet room and their quiet life.

One day, she thinks she might try to find out.
Tags: fandom: bsg, fanfic, fic type: het
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