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Cam/John Fic List Updates - 2010

This is a list of updates to the Cam/John fic list in reverse chronological order for the year 2010.

Previous years: 2008 | 2009

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October 9, 2010

Dreams We Never Expected by bluflamingo - Cam's attempt to reach out to John after Sheppard Snr dies ends up going a little differently than he expected; ep-tag for Outcast; contains age-play (17/18).

Beautiful by somehowunbroken - written for the prompt "Cam is turned on by the sight of John being all prim and proper in his dress blues and can't resist pushing him up the wall and just *wrecking* him."

Local Times Past by fai_dust - "We came to the mainland so you guys could 'experience the Athosian culture'. Well, this is part of it."

September 24, 2010

One Condition by fai_dust - "Don't tell me I have to hire a male stripper for the bachelor party. There are some things I won't do, even for Colonel John Sheppard."

Hey by fai_dust - Rodney hated being ignored and he knows that's exactly what's going to happen for the next week.

Balance by somehowunbroken - 'He had a stroke, John thinks as Sam leaves his quarters. Dad had a stroke, and he’s paralyzed, and Dave got the message to me.'

Ten Top Trivia Tips About Cam Mitchell by somehowunbroken

September 12, 2010

For What It's Worth by somehowunbroken - Written for the prompt "drinking at a flyboy bar after a fellow pilot crashes leads to a night of sex for comfort/consolation.'" (John/Cam/Evan)

They Break, They Bleed, They Heal by somehowunbroken - The email comes through in the databurst along with the rest of the reports from the SGC.' Cam and John have been friends for a long time, so when Cam needs help, John doesn't hesitate to go. (Gen)

Next by somehowunbroken - Vala throws a party, and she loves glitter like whoa.

August 29, 2010

Creation Stories by somehowunbroken - Sequel to "Again and Again" (burglary 'verse).

Homecoming by somehowunbroken - Cam and John visit Auburn, where John is immediately pronounced "Uncle Cam's," to the amusement of all.

August 25, 2010

Of Cops and Robbers by somehowunbroken - AU in which John's a robber and Cam's a cop.

Again and Again by somehowunbroken - Set in the same universe as Of Cops and Robbers.

Ribbon Ceremony by bluflamingo - In 2016, after a year in which no-one emerges as a big bad bent on killing and/or enslaving everyone, the IOA goes public about the existence of the stargate program.

Because we all know how well this worked out on Caprica by bimosexual - Crack AU featuring Cam/Robot!John

Nothing But Net by bimosxual - Based on the prompt boredom.

Release by bimosexual - Lorne is surprised by their dynamic, delightfully surprised. (Sheppard/Mitchell/Lorne)

August 14, 2010

Future Planning by bluflamingo - John and Cam talk about what comes next.

Necessary Precautions by bluflamingo - John takes every precaution when leaving the Mountain.

Reception by bluflamingo - Ficlet from the What Happens Next 'verse.

Untitled by morgan_cian - Comment fic for the prompt "shared grief."

Snow Day by spillingvelvet - Cam, John, snow, and sex. And macaroons.

Mudfight by spillingvelvet - SG1 + John + a mud fight in exactly 150 words.

Untitled by spillingvelvet - Cam's dreaming.

Barnstorm by spillingvelvet - Cam's girlfriends don't understand.

Bonding by somehowunbroken - Cam invites John to join SG1 for a mission. Things don't turn out the way they'd planned. Written for the prompt "forced soulbonding."

July 20, 2010

Watched by anonymous - Rodney secretly watches John and Cam have sex.

Untitled by prehistoric_sea - John and Cam being domestic.

Invisible Man by farothiel - Cam feels invisible.

July 25, 2010

Everything by somehowunbroken - Cam is John's flight instructor. John is entranced by the planes; Cam is entranced by John.

Realization by somehowunbroken - John reflects on the day and has a conversation with Cam. Sequel to "Everything."

Nights Like Tonight by somehowunbroken - John hates nights like tonight. Sequel to "Realization."

July 17, 2010

Storms In The Skies We Live In by somehowunbroken

Ginger Ale by somehowunbroken

Wordless by somehowunbroken

June 9, 2010

Words by race_the_ace - Fourth in a series.

Imaginary Boys by busaikko - Mitchell and Sheppard get together during The Return, and if it wasn't impossible it'd be perfect. Written for the prompt "What is it like to transition in a small closed community where everyone knows you?"

Stolen Moments by colls - Five stolen moments during ‘The Pegasus Project’

May 25, 2010

Untitled by samantha_kathy - Comment fic for the prompt "history was never Cam's best subject."

May 13, 2010

Shattered Hearts by colls - The guys have a normal weekend including pizza, movies and other recreational activities. But when things go wrong, sometimes remembering the good times hurts.

When Your Story is Untold by colls - When it's "game over" for John, no one will know to tell Cam a thing.

Wherever We Are Understood by scrollgirl - John comes out to his father. Set in the Red Ribbon 'verse.

April 12, 2010

Cloudy, With Outbreaks of Sun by bluflamingo - Ficlet set five years after "Breaking Clouds."

Parking Lot by colls - Set during "The Return." Sheppard's not exactly happy about being reassigned to SGC, but an encounter in the parking lot makes him think that it might not be so bad after all.

March 9, 2010

Home on the Range by justhuman - John and Cam decide that there are some things more important than saving the planet, and they invite their friends to check it out. Near-future fic, post-series and movies.

Breaking Clouds by bluflamingo - John's first year with SG-5; sequel to "Gray Skies Surround Me."

Perserverance by asphaltangel - Fifty sentences in the lives of Cam Mitchell and John Sheppard, set in a very nebulous point in the future.

Neverland by race_the_ace - Sequel to "The Only One."

All Wet (Yeah, You Might Need A Raincoat) by NeoVenus22 - Cameron and John find themselves the victims of the weather, and they have to find some way to pass the time.

February 12, 2010

The Only One by race_the_ace - Sequel to "Sing to Me."

Growing Roots by bionic - Cam and John drive out to visit Cam's parents.

January 24, 2010

I Wonder by wojelah - "There's a guy next to him who has done everything by the book to get to where he is. John's never been good at by the book, but he's in the same place - and he likes the guy next to him. He's a good guy. A good friend. John thinks. And since it's dark and they're alone and a good forty minutes from the checkpoint, he doesn't set it aside."

Burn Out Bright by miss_zedem - With any luck he'd get through the holidays without Mitchell noticing this stupid crush he'd developed, the one that was going to either get him a punch in the face or a court martial, if not both...

Colorblind by tesserae_ - John gets called into the SGC to explain why he’s keeping the new toy they found under the tree Christmas morning, and unwraps a different present entirely.

Place on Earth by bluflamingo - "I’m not planning to get him drunk and take him back to our harem," Cam says. "Dinner, couple of beers, no strings comfort sex, if he wants to. Unless you really don’t want to." Post-Outcast. (John/Cam/Daniel)

Sing to Me by race_the_ace - Angsty AU.

January 20, 2010

sg_flyboys opened a week ago, so there are lots of stories from that. First, though, a non-exchange story:

The Pay is Certain (One Way or Another) by busaikko - Sometimes, Cam wishes he could lose himself for a while. (Warning: major character death)

And now onto the exchange:

Recovering an Old Footing by bluflamingo - When the Daedalus’ alternate reality drive goes haywire and they all have to abandon the ship, John and Cam set off into the wilds of Pegasus to find Atlantis and get everyone home (Daedalus Variations AU).

Go West by bluflamingo - John gets a phone call he's not expecting; spoilers for SG1 9.12 Collateral Damage

Fast Cars by colls - Cam and John decide to stop pretending nothing is going on.

No Damsels by devikun - Cam fought a knight once, so he probably should have remembered he wasn't one, dashing or otherwise.

Meet the Mitchells by drabblewriter - Cam heads home to introduce John to his parents.

Whatever's Left by gaffsie - John and Cam share a beer on the pier.

Cash Out by kimberlite - You wanna cash out and get the hell outta town. Vegas AU.

Drawing Circles by kyizi - Cam comes to talk John into returning to the SGC.

Midnight Train by miss_zedem - AU based on flashbacks to Cam's time after the battle over Antarctica.

Interfice Errorem, Diligere Errantem by ninja_hamsters

Stick Around (I'll Make it Worth Your While) by raisintorte - Cam's visit to Atlantis takes a different direction than John expected.

Waiting by sablewick - Snapshot's of John's Life while trying to deal with what Cam means to him.

John Sheppard's Adynaton by scrollgirl - While John and Cam are ill and confined to the apartment, they try to hash out their future to nearly disastrous results.

Unspoken by skieswideopen - John's finding that his relationship with Cam is affecting how he does his job.

Keep On Rollin' by slybrarian - Scenes from an off-kilter road trip.

Recruiting Scout by slybrarian - Cam is sent to recruit someone who may be essential for the upcoming Atlantis expedition: John Sheppard. Of course, since this is John, things are more complicated than they should be.

Symbolism by smilebackwardsIt’s just typical that the exact moment they walk through the ‘gate, the natives are performing some sort of ritual around it.

That Sly Little Smile I Call a Smirk by colls - Of all the things John has ever talked Cam into, the first one was... then the toilet caught fire....

January 4, 2010

Home by busaikko - The most impossible thing is to come home.

Untitled by colls - Comment fic for the prompt "I got a good mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it." (Duck Soup).

Limited Gene Pool by scrollgirl - Comment fic for the prompt SG1/SGA, Daniel/Cam/John, he has a type.

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