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Ten Character Meme - Responses

Teyla Emmagan and Sam Carter wake up in Vegas and find themselves married. How did it happen?

The trip to Vegas started as a joint bachelor party for John and Cam before their wedding. Sam and Teyla were invited along because the two of them were standing up for John and Cam respectively, and if you're going non-traditional, you might as well go all out with it. The rest of their teams came along for the ride too, of course. But then Teal'c ended up at the poker tables, wiping out his opponents, and Jackson retreated to his hotel room to read journals, and Vala went up with him, and Rodney and Ronon disappeared somewhere halfway through the party, and soon it was just the four of them and the three bottles of Athosian celebratory mead that Teyla had somehow smuggled in, and things were a little fuzzy after that. None of which explained how Sam found herself waking up in a hotel bed curled up against Teyla, both of them badly hungover, with a marriage certificate from Vermont resting on the bedside table.

Sam harboured suspicions that Hermiod may have played a role.

Cam Mitchell, John Sheppard, and Kara Thrace form a band. Who's on what instrument and what kind of music do they play?

Cam's never really figured out how these inter-dimensional bars work. He's never really had to. Usually he's only stuck there for a few hours, just long enough for a couple of beers and a conversation with someone who's on the run from a mass of robots or jumping from body to body or trying to get home from whatever part of the galaxy that mysterious wormhole dumped them in, and then somehow he gets whisked home. This time, though, it's been two days and he doesn't seem to be going anywhere. What's more, the bartender's starting to look suspicious when Cam asks for more food to be put on his tab, and Cam doesn't think he has any of the local currency. He's not even sure what the local currency is. The only bright spot in the whole thing is that John's trapped here with him too. Unfortunately, it's just the two of them, and without Sam or Rodney or even Bill Lee, Cam's not sure they're going to get out of here.

They run into the young blonde woman on the third day. She's military by her uniform, and she looks as confused as Cam feels even though she's trying to hide it, and he's never been able to resist helping someone in need, even when he's in trouble himself, so he says hello, and then steps back when she looks ready to punch him.

The band is actually Kara's idea. Cam has no idea where she finds the instruments, because as far as Cam can tell, every exit from the bar just leads to more bar, but she goes away and comes back a couple of hours later with something that looks like a guitar and a little hand drum, and then goes up to talk to the piano player about borrowing his instrument, and Cam's not sure how she talks him into agreeing to that, but he thinks it may have involved threats of violence.

Cam hasn't played an instrument eighth grade music, so he takes the drum, figuring he can't mess up too badly. John takes the guitar, of course, and Kara sits down at the piano and rests her hands on the keys like she knows what she's doing. They're pretty rough at first, trying to mesh John's blues with Kara's weird classical/rock combo. Cam just tries to keep a steady rhythm. Eventually they get better, settling into a style of music that seems to be a cross between Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and Metallica, and the patrons start tipping them, and the bartenders stop scowling every time they order something.

Cam keeps hoping that eventually he'll wake up back on Earth.

Laura Roslin and Aaron Hotchner get married. Zoë Wasburne, Lee Adama, and Emily Prentiss make toasts. What do they say and how do Laura and Aaron react?

Zoë has a wistful, faraway look in her eyes as she offers a short, heartfelt speech on the importance making sure your spouse knows you love them, because you never know when you might lose them. Everyone, including the bride and groom, is a little misty-eyed by the end.

Lee looks a little astonished by the whole thing, but he's smooth and eloquent in offering Laura and Aaron his congratulations on their marriage, and his best wishes to Laura in her retirement. Aaron thanks him. Laura smiles graciously at him, and tells him she's sure he'll do a wonderful job in her stead. The more astute among the guests might notice that she looks a little relieved when Lee sits down, though Aaron seems unconcerned.

Emily seems to be the happiest of the three. She makes a short speech on Aaron's many wonderful qualities, and ends it with sincere gratitude to Laura for bringing him such happiness. Any reaction by the bride and groom is drowned out by the applause of the rest of the BAU team.
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