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The WIP Meme, Take Two

I just looked at my list from the last time I did this, and so far, I've only finished one of the nine stories I posted about then. So maybe it's a good thing that this list is shorter.

1. "There, uh, there is someone, though. Someone else." John's tone has shifted from amused to tentative. He sounds as if he's worried about Dave's reaction, even after everything Dave's just said, and Dave feels a flicker of regret that he's let this be one of the things that's come between them over the years. "He's Air Force too."

"Is he free on July 16th?" Dave keeps his tone as matter-of-fact as he can, like there's nothing noteworthy about his older brother attending his wedding with another man.

2. Sam has never been attracted to unstable people--she figured out early on that they're more trouble than they're worth and learned to keep her distance. She has, however, always had a taste for danger and the right kind of dangerous people. Sitting in Prometheus's conference room, listening with half an ear as Adama and the generals debate the fate of the foreign fleet, she can't quite decide which category the fierce-looking blonde woman across the table falls into.

3. Being CAG is harder than she expected.

It isn't the paperwork, though she doesn't love that. She struggles with the scheduling at first, trying to find the right balance of people for every mission rather than just the one she's leading. But she gets the hang of it eventually, figures out how to balance out the strengths of her pilots with the mission requirements, and she's never had a problem telling the pilots where to go when they complain. As for the performance reviews, well, she's being doing those since she was an instructor.

4. "Get away from her!" The man was so tightly wound he was nearly quivering, but the gun in his hands didn't waver.

Ruby stepped back and laid a hand on his arm. "Please," she whispered, "help me."

Lee raised his hands placatingly, and stepped sideways so that Ruby was directly behind him. "I think we should talk about this."

"There's nothing to talk about. She's a fucking demon."

The final count of my newest crop of WIPs: one Stargate piece featuring John/Cam, one Stargate/Battlestar Galactica crossover featuring Sam Carter/Kara Thrace (which was supposed to have been written ages ago for sg_rarepairings, one gen BSG, and one gen BSG/Supernatural crossover. Last time it was all about Cam. Apparently I'm branching out.
Tags: lemmings get a bad rap

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