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Fic, fic, and more fic

1. I think I've figured out what to write for my femgenficathon story. Right now I'm going with my everyone's-from-Pegasus-and-the-Ancients-never-left-Atlantis Stargate AU, and focusing on Vala, probably with some appearances by not-yet-a-PI Teyla. I have the whole background and history and about half-a-dozen stories for this AU plotted out in my head, and it's really time to finish something.

2. I think I've also figured out what to write for fkficfest. Forever Knight was the first fandom I wrote fic for, many years back, so I have a soft spot for it and I'm looking forward to writing in it again. I think I may watch a couple of episodes this afternoon, to recover the flavour.

3. [community profile] multiverse5000/multiverse5000 is now accepting prompts on Dreamwidth! This is a space show/book/movie crossover non-exchange thing-a-thon type deal. (I wonder if we don't need better vocabulary to distinguish between the different styles? Or is there a word for this type of event, and I just don't know it?) At any rate, it's one of those events where you can leave any number of prompts, and people then claim what prompts appeal to them and do something fannish with them (fic, graphics, etc.). Low pressure, with no minimum word counts, and no one waiting on what you produce. I don't think I'm going to have time to sign up unless the due date is well past my return from Europe, but I'm looking forward to seeing what other people do.

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