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30 days of TV meme: Day 01

Since everyone else is doing it too...

Day 01 - A show that should have never been cancelled

Firefly, of course, mostly because I want to know what deep dark secrets Joss Whedon buried in everyone's past. But that's a common wish, so I'll go with a less obvious one instead.

It's a Canadian show about a centuries-old man who made a bad decision when he was young, and is now seeking redemption for the immense suffering that came about because of his decision. The limitations of his condition mean he's forced to pull away from the mortal woman who's rapidly falling in love with him for fear of endangering her, and every week we get flashbacks showing events from his past that are somehow related to his current situation. No, not that show.

The Collector aired for three seasons between 2004 and 2006. The main character is Morgan Pym, an ex-monk born in Nuremburg, Germany in 1322. As a young man, Morgan sold his soul to the devil in order to bring back the woman he loved after she died of the Bubonic Plague. They got ten years of happiness together, and then the devil came to collect on his end of the deal. But instead of sending Morgan to hell, he offered him a new deal: if Morgan would help the devil collect souls from other people whose deals were up, he'd be allowed to stay on Earth.

Fast forward to 2004. Morgan's now assigned to Vancouver, collecting his weekly quota of souls. (Well, really only one soul per week. He has a lot of free time. Especially since he doesn't sleep.) And then one day he's inspired by one of his clients to make a new deal: he gets forty-eight hours to help each of his clients try to make amends for all the damage their deals have caused. If they succeed, they get to avoid hell and go on living. And so Morgan gets to spend his days trying to help others achieve redemption, knowing there's almost no chance he can do the same for himself.

The shows had its share of flaws, and some parts that didn't really make sense (like the devil's motivation for agreeing to this new deal). But the creators say they had a plan, and I want to know what it was. The devil on the show is portrayed as so clever and powerful that it's clear he has to be getting something out of this deal, and I want to know what, and how it twists back on Morgan, and whether Morgan actually finds a way to outsmart the devil in the end. Basically, I wish it had been around longer so I could have found out how it was supposed to end.

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