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Yet another list

1. Today's the last day to leave prompts on [community profile] femme_fic/femme_fic. It's a multifandom fest focusing on women, and you don't have to be planning to write in order to leave prompts. Prompts are accepted on both Dreamwidth and LiveJournal.

2. bringthehappy is now closed for prompts and open for fic. There are lots of prompts to choose from, including prompts from both Stargate and Battlestar Galactica. Okay, yes, happy is maybe not the first word you think of when it comes to BSG, but it doesn't have to be unadulterated happiness--you can make it bittersweet or angsty, as long as readers are smiling at the end.

3. The newest set of prompts from [community profile] sg_five_things/sg1_five_things has been unscreened, and as I end my current round as host, I'm going to put out a plea for more prompts. We really need prompts focusing on individual characters from all three shows, but general and group prompts are good too. The most important thing is that the prompts be ones you want to read and write. New prompts can be left here, one per comment.

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