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The Big List of Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard Fanfic Pt. 2

Welcome to Part II of the Big List of John/Cam fanfic!

I started this back when this section of the fandom was very, very small. It's since grown considerably, and as John/Cam now has its own Index at Crossroads, I no longer feel compelled to update the list, although I'm leaving it up for anyone who still uses it.

Part I

Stand-Alone Stories

21 Days by the_minx_17 - Cam knows that for all that John hates to talk, once he gets started, once the first crack in the dam is made, it trickles out of him in fits and spurts until he gets to the real issue and then the floodgates break open.
4 Ways Cam Heard About John's Trip to the Future by mazza2869
4 Ways Dave Sheppard Didn't Find Out About the Stargate, and 1 Way He Did by bluflamingo
50 Places John and Cam Got It On, Or the History of an Inter-galactic Long Distance Relationship by skieswideopen - In Cam's apartment, in the jumper while drifting in space, in a hotel room, in John's office before the security cameras were turned on...
50 things about John Sheppard and Cameron Mitchell, in no particular order by bluflamingo - They slept together for the first time when John was twenty-three and Cam was twenty-six, and they’d known each other for less than twenty-four hours.
Above the Blue and Windy Sea by torakowalski (Primarily Rodney/Teyla with Cam/John in the background) - Rodney takes Teyla to a conference and realizes he'd like more than friendship. John offers advice over the phone. Mostly while lying in Cam's bed.
Acclimatization by ww_fic (Unrequited John/Cam) - John and Cam hang out on Earth.
Afghanistan by slybrarian - Comment fic for the prompt "Afghanistan."
Age of Minority by bluflamingo - For the first couple of days, being unexpectedly sixteen again was actually kind of fun; of course, the fun part didn't last.
All That We Let In by prehistoric_sea - John comes home from the Pegasus galaxy.
All Wet (Yeah, You Might Need A Raincoat) by NeoVenus22 - Cameron and John find themselves the victims of the weather, and they have to find some way to pass the time.
Amends by skieswideopen - "Sorry I didn't call," he says, and Cam has to laugh, because only John Sheppard would break five years of silence like this.
And the Weather Outside is Frightful by tesserae_ - Set after The Return part 1, but pushes the timeline all the way up to Christmas.
Back in Time by cottontail - When an Ancient device is accidentally activated, it sends John and Cam back to their second year together at the Air Force Academy in 1985. The two men quickly realize they have to stick to the original time line, or risk messing up the future. But sticking to a time line is easier said than done.
Balance by somehowunbroken - 'He had a stroke, John thinks as Sam leaves his quarters. Dad had a stroke, and he’s paralyzed, and Dave got the message to me.'
Barnstorm by spillingvelvet - Cam's girlfriends don't understand.
Base Level by kimberlite - Sometimes it all comes down to making choices you can live with.
Beautiful by somehowunbroken - written for the prompt "Cam is turned on by the sight of John being all prim and proper in his dress blues and can't resist pushing him up the wall and just *wrecking* him."
Because we all know how well this worked out on Caprica by bimosexual - Crack AU featuring Cam/Robot!John
Between the Spirit and the Dust by chase_acow - An injured John dreams.
Blow It Up by infinimato - John, Cam, the Ori, and some C4. Lots of C4.
Boys and Their Toys by madkrazyghetto - Cam watches John load his gun.
The Bright and Hollow Sky by helens78 (Cam/various) - Getting laid himself helps some; turns out that despite Sheppard's singularly lousy taste in football teams, they've got a lot in common.
Burn Out Bright by miss_zedem - With any luck he'd get through the holidays without Mitchell noticing this stupid crush he'd developed, the one that was going to either get him a punch in the face or a court martial, if not both...
By the Banks of the River Styx by skieswideopen - Every story Cam's ever heard about fetching someone back from hell has ended badly. Ascension, however, isn't hell, and he's not looking to fetch anyone back. He just doesn't want to be left here alone. Written for the apocalypse_kree 2008 Ficathon.
Care Package by scrollgirl - For the prompt "You send us libraries' worth of irreplaceable knowledge for the betterment of humanity. We send you pudding cups. It's a beautiful relationship."
Cash Out by kimberlite - You wanna cash out and get the hell outta town. Vegas AU.
Cheap Date by slybrarian - John looks like a forlorn puppy as he stares at what was probably supposed to be dinner. (Comment fic)
Cheeseburger in Paradise by skypilot_dlm.
Chemicals Displaced by micehell - Two teams, one mission, and some post-mission comfort sex.
Clarity of Message by bluflamingo - John and Cam have a bright idea; Lorne and Davis come around a little more slowly.
Close Enough to Flying by skieswideopen - John and Teyla accompany Cam to his parents' house in Kansas to help with some home repairs.
Colorblind by tesserae_ - John gets called into the SGC to explain why he’s keeping the new toy they found under the tree Christmas morning, and unwraps a different present entirely.
Coming Out - Cameron Mitchell by torakowalski - Comment fic set during Unending. Cam talks to Teal'c.
Cool Whip (comment fic) by by morgan_cian
Cotton Candy by morgan_cian - Comment fic.
Crazy Uncle by slybrarian - Cam's in for a lot of surprises when the man he knows as Crazy Uncle John shows up. Written for Happyfest II.
The Deconstruction of Falling Stars by kyizi - Atlantis is stranded in another galaxy for the second time, John Sheppard is lost and Cameron Mitchell can't quite work out how the hell he manages to cope with running the city; his only consolation is that he's not the one running the whole show. When one of their teams is lost and planets start to disappear from the night sky, things suddenly take a turn for the worst. Struggling to cope with their loss, the people of Atlantis have to pull together to fight an enemy they unlike any they've seen before and their only chance of winning seems to lie within the city itself, but the cost of survival may just turn out to be too high.
Deep Water by kyizi - Cam isn’t wounded in the battle over Antarctica, but that didn’t make him any less of a hero. When he’s offered any assignment he wants, his decision takes him further than he could have ever imagined.
Dinochrome by slybrarian - Comment fic for the prompt "Terminator would kick Robocop's ass!"
Disrupt the Whole Scene by raisintorte - John never thought the intergalactic prank war would end well. He just didn't expect it to end quite like this.
Dog Tags by ironyrocks (Cam/Elizabeth/John) - PWP threesome.
Drawing Circles by kyizi - Cam comes to talk John into returning to the SGC.
Dreams We Never Expected by bluflamingo - Cam's attempt to reach out to John after Sheppard Snr dies ends up going a little differently than he expected; ep-tag for Outcast; contains age-play (17/18).
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by alizarin_nyc - John doesn’t know he’s looking for salvation until he finds it.
Falling From the Sky Now and Then by torakowalski - Cam and John steal a puddlejumper.
Farm Holiday by goddess47 (Gen) - Cam takes John and a couple of other friends from the Academy home for Christmas.
Fast Cars by colls - Cam and John decide to stop pretending nothing is going on.
Field Work by bluflamingo - There are weirder ways to meet than via mating grouse, broken trucks and possible serial killers. John's life just doesn't include them (non-stargate au, no spoilers for either series)
Fifteen Years by skieswideopen - After fifteen years of sleeping with John, Cam decides he wants more.
First Impressions Aren't Everything by cottontail - Cam and John slowly get to know each other.
First Kiss by minnow1212 - John, visiting from Atlantis, is invited to join SG-1 for movie night.
First Mission (comment fic) by morgan_cian
Five Futures John Imagines with Cam by 10pmpacifictime
Five people John Sheppard included in his will, and what he left to them by bluflamingo
Five people John Sheppard included in his will, and what he left to them by skieswideopen
Five Times John Sheppard Has Sex With Someone Other Than Rodney McKay (Part 5/5) by sian1359 - Cam encounters a very upset John during "The Return."
Five Ways the Prodigal Son Comes Home and One He Doesn't by scrollgirl - Written for the sg1_five_things prompt "Five ways John reconciled with his brother."
Flyboys by cynatnite - John and Cam find their careers intersecting repeatedly over the years.
Flying by morgan_cian - Comment fic.
Football and Ferris Wheels by morgan_cian - Comment fic.
For What It's Worth by somehowunbroken - Written for the prompt "drinking at a flyboy bar after a fellow pilot crashes leads to a night of sex for comfort/consolation.'" (John/Cam/Evan)
Friction by skieswideopen - "My parents are here."
Future Planning by bluflamingo - John and Cam talk about what comes next.
Go West by bluflamingo - John gets a phone call he's not expecting; spoilers for SG1 9.12 Collateral Damage
Ginger Ale by somehowunbroken
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait by I-am-a-slash-addict - Cam and John have known each other for years and both have loved the other, but timing and John’s fear of being gay prevented them from being together. In the beginning of season 4, instead of Carter assuming command of Atlantis, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell does… now with the repeal of DADT and being in the same galaxy, will they finally be able to be together?
Guess Things Happen That Way by wojelah - Sheppard. Mitchell. Luddites. In Big Bend National Park.
Growing Roots by bionic - Cam and John drive out to visit Cam's parents.
Gunpowder and Sky by introductory - All he sees is unkempt hair and that lazy, lazy smile, and Cam's not impressed.
Hang-ups and Expectations by slybrarian - Comment fic for prompt hang-ups/expectations after past loves.
Here is No Water by Frostfire - Mostly pre-series, in Afghanistan. Cam has mixed feelings about Major Sheppard.
Headline News by slybrarian - Cam realized that secret make-out spots didn't necessary stay secret for twenty years right about the time his bare ass ended up on the internet.
Hey by fai_dust - Rodney hated being ignored and he knows that's exactly what's going to happen for the next week.
Hold On, Here We Go by bluflamingo - “What?” Holland had said, shrugging. "Everyone knows you’re the only reason I’m not dead right now. Makes it hard to get rid of you."
Home by busaikko - The most impossible thing is to come home.
Home on the Range by justhuman - John and Cam decide that there are some things more important than saving the planet, and they invite their friends to check it out. Near-future fic, post-series and movies.
Homecoming by somehowunbroken - Cam and John visit Auburn, where John is immediately pronounced "Uncle Cam's," to the amusement of all.
Hush by scrollgirl - Comment fic for the prompt "breathplay."
I Can Turn You On With My Brain by evesharmony - John clambers to his feet, glances around at the unfamiliar SFs and gateroom personnel, and starts to wonder just how much trouble he’s in.
I Might and You Might by minervacat - When SG-1 returns to pick up Daniel and Vala from Atlantis, John takes Cam up in a jumper.
I Wonder by wojelah - "There's a guy next to him who has done everything by the book to get to where he is. John's never been good at by the book, but he's in the same place - and he likes the guy next to him. He's a good guy. A good friend. John thinks. And since it's dark and they're alone and a good forty minutes from the checkpoint, he doesn't set it aside."
Imaginary Boys by busaikko - Mitchell and Sheppard get together during The Return, and if it wasn't impossible it'd be perfect. Written for the prompt "What is it like to transition in a small closed community where everyone knows you?"
In Desperation, Madness by skieswideopen (Gen or pre-slash, depending on how you squint) - Cam and John plot to help their respective families.
Inevitable by bluflamingo - They can't do this here, but they have to do it somewhere.
Interfice Errorem, Diligere Errantem by ninja_hamsters
Internalized by slybrarian - Cam doesn't like what he's doing. (Comment fic)
Intoxication by slybrarian - Comment fic for the prompt "two beer queer."
Invisible Man by farothiel - Cam feels invisible.
John Sheppard's Adynaton by scrollgirl - While John and Cam are ill and confined to the apartment, they try to hash out their future to nearly disastrous results.
Journey's End (variations on a theme) by bluflamingo - Two AU tags for "Daedalus Variations."
Joyride by ltlj - But if his first time to fly a jumper had been like coming home, the little ship wrapping around him like a friend, then the first time in an F-302 was like sex with a beautiful stranger.
Kaleidoscopic by alizarin_nyc - Cam rescues John during a Pegasus plague epidemic.
Kind of Forgotten Bliss by vain_glorious - Cam's been transferred to Atlantis.
Keep Going by bluflamingo - If you're not dead, it can get better; tag to Trick of the Light and hence part of the Dysfunction verse.
Keep On Rollin' by slybrarian - Scenes from an off-kilter road trip.
A Knight in Blood-Caked Armor by omglawdork (Gen) - Police AU. "What the hell is wrong with you? First, I see your face yesterday for the first time in about five years - oh, but it's because your chief just had a press conference accusing you of, just, Training Day levels of corruption, so your face is plastered all over the television."
Labour of Love by ninja_hamsters - John’s on temporary reassignment on Earth.
Lacertae by bluflamingo - “Nothing’s going to go wrong!” Sheppard exclaims. “Walk in our back garden.”
Language Trouble by slybrarian - Comment fic for the prompt "the gate translators are broken."
Last Drop of Sun by miss_zedem - A John/Cam retake on seasons three and four.
Last Licks by infinimato - Porn battle entry for the prompt "frustration."
Last One Out of the Circus by tesserae_ - Cam hasn't yet learned not to go around touching unknown Ancient devices.
Leave My Wings Behind Me by tesserae_ - Sheppard's trying to give him something else he can't really use.
Life From Ashes by kyizi - Atlantis is the last evacuation point when Earth is destroyed. Written for apocalypse_kree 2008.
Life in Three Dimensions by bluflamingo (Lorne/Mitchell/Sheppard) - Lorne and Sheppard both have trouble adjusting after they're kicked out of Atlantis during "The Return."
Limited Gene Pool by scrollgirl - Comment fic for the prompt SG1/SGA, Daniel/Cam/John, he has a type.
Local Times Past by fai_dust - "We came to the mainland so you guys could 'experience the Athosian culture'. Well, this is part of it."
Long Distance by camshaft22 - Cam's lonely on the holidays.
Measure of a Man by slybrarian (Mitchell/Sheppard, Lorne/Sheppard) - How many John Sheppards can you fit in one ship?
The Measure of Your Touch by skieswideopen - Cam worries every time Atlantis dials in unexpectedly. This time he has cause.
Meet the Mitchells by drabblewriter - Cam heads home to introduce John to his parents.
Midnight Train by miss_zedem - AU based on flashbacks to Cam's time after the battle over Antarctica.
Monster Trucks by slybrarian - John had been aware that such things as monster truck rallies existed, but that was pretty much in the same way that he had been aware that things like cricket or Pride and Prejudice existed - which was to say, they were out there somewhere, and people theoretically enjoyed them, but they had never come into the world of John Sheppard. (Comment fic)
Movie Night by dontwantmeback - John, Cam, popcorn, and DVDs.
Mudfight by spillingvelvet - SG1 + John + a mud fight in exactly 150 words.
Necessary Precautions by bluflamingo - John takes every precaution when leaving the Mountain.
Never That Easy by bluflamingo - “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Cam said when John looked furtively round the bar they were holed up in, waiting for their current client to show up to exchange goods for money, and brought out a series of photos. (Gen)
No Big Deal by etain_anders - Cam is broken and John puts him back together.
No Damsels by devikun - Cam fought a knight once, so he probably should have remembered he wasn't one, dashing or otherwise.
No Good Deed by forestgreen - John opened the closed record that Stargate Command had on him and skipped over its content: "Dr John Sheppard, Civilian Consultant to the U.S. Air Force, member of SG-1, PhD in Applied Mathematics and PhD in Computer Science, gifted mathematician with a penchant for stealing, trustworthy." A small, satisfied smirk crooked John's lips. He struck the last part out and added a correction in red: "Gifted thief with a penchant for mathematics, not to trust." He saved the document and erased all traces of his presence in the system. It'd take a while for McKay to figure out that John had found yet another weakness in the SGC network. He ordered pizza and waited for the rest of the SG-1 to arrive. It was Mitchell's turn to pick the movie.
Nothing But Net by bimosxual - Based on the prompt boredom.
Office Space by kyizi - No one asks John why he doesn’t spend much time in Cam’s office. Which is convenient, because John himself isn’t sure of the reason.
On a Good Day by skieswideopen - Cam is finding John Sheppard very distracting.
One Condition by fai_dust - "Don't tell me I have to hire a male stripper for the bachelor party. There are some things I won't do, even for Colonel John Sheppard."
Parley by wojelah - Cam tracks down John two years after John leaves the Air Force.
Parking Lot by colls - Set during "The Return." Sheppard's not exactly happy about being reassigned to SGC, but an encounter in the parking lot makes him think that it might not be so bad after all.
Past Prologue by slybrarian - Comment fic for the prompt "Old West."
The Pay is Certain (One Way or Another) by busaikko - Sometimes, Cam wishes he could lose himself for a while. (Warning: major character death)
Perserverance by asphaltangel - Fifty sentences in the lives of Cam Mitchell and John Sheppard, set in a very nebulous point in the future.
Phantom in the Laboratory by elementalv (Sheppard/Mitchell, Sheppard/McKay) - Raoul finds Christine on the stage of the Paris op - er - uh. Cam finds John at an academic symposium...
Place on Earth by bluflamingo (John/Cam/Daniel) - "I’m not planning to get him drunk and take him back to our harem," Cam says. "Dinner, couple of beers, no strings comfort sex, if he wants to. Unless you really don’t want to." Post-Outcast.
Pointy-Eared Jerks by slybrarian - Cam and John in Star Trek XI fusion.
Polymorphs by kimberlite - You can't always get what you want...
Proxy by aries_taurus - A conscience is a hard thing to silence sometimes. But then, sometimes it's all about perspectives.
Puppy Pile by slybrarian - "Ah," John says, then, "Um," and, "There's totally an explanation for this."
Promotion by amific - John and Cam celebrate John's promotion.
Quality of Memory by dossier - A Boy and His Robot.
Rainy Afternoon by bluflamingo - Comment fic for the prompt "rainy afternoon."
Recovering an Old Footing by bluflamingo - When the Daedalus’ alternate reality drive goes haywire and they all have to abandon the ship, John and Cam set off into the wilds of Pegasus to find Atlantis and get everyone home (Daedalus Variations AU).
Recruiting Scout by slybrarian - Cam is sent to recruit someone who may be essential for the upcoming Atlantis expedition: John Sheppard. Of course, since this is John, things are more complicated than they should be.
Redefining Long Distance by NatalieJ/blueskypenguin - After a weekend on Atlantis visiting Sam, Cameron returns home. Ten minutes later he’s promptly returned to Atlantis, unconscious. And he’s not the only one who passed out. How did Cam and John, galaxies apart, get knocked out at exactly the same time? Why are they hearing things? More importantly, what are they going to do about it?
Release by bimosexual - Lorne is surprised by their dynamic, delightfully surprised. (Sheppard/Mitchell/Lorne)
Risks by miera_c (Lorne/Mitchell/Sheppard) - Who needs a plot when you have three hot men?
Saturn Smile by prehistoric_sea - Porn Battle comment fic for the prompt "obey."
Scheherazade in Pegasus: A Quantum Fairy Tale by skieswideopen (John/Cam in ending D) - John spins stories to stave off his execution.
Seeing Double by slybrarian - In which Cam discovers that falling into alternate universes can have benefits.
The Side Sleeper Wins Tonight by _inbetween_ - It was a good thing John liked to sleep on his back, since that turned him into the best side sleeper's pillow in the world.
Slipping by amara_m - It's all slipping away. (Comment fic.)
Snow Day by spillingvelvet - Cam, John, snow, and sex. And macaroons.
Spice by slybrarian - "I though you said," Cam gasped, "that this sort of thing never happens." (Comment fic.)
Sports as a Metaphor by etain_anders - Cam runs into John during while the expedition is exiled to Earth.
Steady On by idyll - John and Cam are both on forced leave on Earth, and very, very bored.
Stepping Down from the Sky by skieswideopen (Gen) - Six months after aliens conquer Earth, John and Rodney show up on Cam's doorstep with a plan for getting rid of the invaders. Written for apocalypse_kree 2008.
Stick Around (I'll Make it Worth Your While) by raisintorte - Cam's visit to Atlantis takes a different direction than John expected.
Storms In The Skies We Live In by somehowunbroken
Straight Down the Center by transtempts - Jack O'Neill to Sheppard: 'You can stay. You're probably still going to have to get the rubber stamp from the IOA.'
Sweetheart by slybrarian - Comment fic for the prompt "ladies love country boys."
Symbolism by smilebackwardsIt’s just typical that the exact moment they walk through the ‘gate, the natives are performing some sort of ritual around it.
Talk Dirty to Me by morgan_cian - Comment fic.
Tempered by the Battle's Heat by tielan (Gen) - Twenty years of friendship between two men, and a fire that comes close to putting it out.
Ten Top Trivia Tips About Cam Mitchell by somehowunbroken
Trust by slybrarian - Sam's thoughts on John/Cam.
That Sly Little Smile I Call a Smirk by colls - Of all the things John has ever talked Cam into, the first one was... then the toilet caught fire....
That Summer on Tattooine by miss_porcupine (Gen) - Pre-series military life.
They Break, They Bleed, They Heal by somehowunbroken - The email comes through in the databurst along with the rest of the reports from the SGC.' Cam and John have been friends for a long time, so when Cam needs help, John doesn't hesitate to go. (Gen)
Thin Thread Left by bluflamingo - People talk about this as a victory, but to John it feels like defeat; the end of their first decade in the city.
Unspoken by skieswideopen - John's finding that his relationship with Cam is affecting how he does his job.
Until the Sun Rises Up by dontwantmeback - Written for the prompt "amnesia."
Untitled by colls - Comment fic for the prompt "I got a good mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it." (Duck Soup).
Untitled by contravariance - Comment fic for the prompt "family backgrounds."
Untitled by morgan_cian - Comment fic for the prompt "shared grief."
Untitled by spillingvelvet - Cam's dreaming.
Untitled by tresa_cho - Comment fic for the prompt "vengeful ghosts."
Untitled by tresa_cho - Comment fic for the prompt "How many times do you have to save the world to get a happily ever after?"
Untitled by samantha_kathy - Comment fic for the prompt "history was never Cam's best subject."
Wash Me Away by bluflamingo - Elizabeth takes a deep breath and says, “I’m sorry, John, your father passed away two days ago.” (Written before Outcast aired.)
Waiting by sablewick - Snapshot's of John's Life while trying to deal with what Cam means to him.
Watched by anonymous - Rodney secretly watches John and Cam have sex.
Watching by miera_c (Mitchell/Sheppard/Lorne) - Porn battle comment fic.
We'll Do It Again Sometime by prehistoric_sea/karmageddon - Two couples meet on Craigslist for a little wife-swapping.
What If I Told You by bluflamingo - John and Cam comfort each other after Carson's death and Daniel's disappearance.
Whatever's Left by gaffsie - John and Cam share a beer on the pier.
Wordless by somehowunbroken
World Without End by bluflamingo - If you’ve got nothing left, is it worth going on? Written for apocalypse_kree 2008.
Unexpected by omglawdork (Cam/John/Teyla) - Strip poker!
Untitled by clwilson2006 - Comment fic for the prompt "Since when are you gay?".
Untitled by slybrarian - "Traumatic? Yeah, I think you could say the experience was traumatic all right. (Comment fic.)
The Year That Was by bluflamingo - He wonders sometimes if this is what going on means now, if he’s got the strength left to do it again (major spoilers for SG1 Continuum, and SGA The Last Man).


Podfic versions of First Kiss by minnow1212 and Falling From the Sky Now and Then by torakowalski, read by twasadark


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