skieswideopen (skieswideopen) wrote,

50 Places John and Cam Got It On (SGA/SG-1, John/Cam, R)

Title: 50 Places John and Cam Got It On, Or the History of an Inter-galactic Long Distance Relationship
Author: skieswideopen
Fandom: SG1/SGA
Pairing: Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard
Notes: Written for and reposted from sg1_five_things, set 50.

"You and Me in Kansas With My Ride and Yours" by scrollgirl

1. Fast and hot and intense in John's hotel room the first time they slept together after each realized he was not alone in his attraction.
2. Calmer but still intense the second time, now in Cam's bedroom which they agreed was far more comfortable than the hotel bed.
3. Slow and tender in the kitchen after breakfast, until John was on his knees and Cam was gripping the edge of his counter and tenderness had given away to urgent desire. (The bedroom was just too far away.)
4. Relaxed but eager on Cam's couch in the afternoon, as the game played on in the background.
5. Slow and lazy with urgent patches in every other room of Cam's house over the long, bright days while John waited to find out if he'd be going back to Atlantis, and Cam waited for his team.
6. Breathless and teasing in the jumper bay, struggling for dominance, with John back in his proper place and Cam temporarily out of his.
7. Tender in a jumper high above Atlantis, warm kisses trailing down a neck illuminated by two moons.
8. Laughing in John's quarters, in between exchanging stories, while waiting for approval for Cam to go on a mission.
9. Frantically in a cheap hotel room in Renat while hiding from the Genii, on a planet whose name Cam can't recall.
10. Shoved up against the wall in the guest quarters in Atlantis after they got back from Renat.
11. Creatively in a jumper while stranded in space, weeks away from any gate.
12. Furtively in a holding cell aboard their "rescue" ship.
13. Drunk and clumsy (and laughing, but definitely not giggling) on the mainland after an Athosian harvest celebration.
14. Gently on a balcony overlooking the endless ocean in an unclaimed section of Atlantis, the day before Cam's scheduled to leave.
15. Desperately in John's quarters in the Mountain, after the Asurans take Atlantis and he's forced back to Earth.
16. Braced against the desk in John's new office, his introduction to the new space before he reluctantly moves in.
17. Urgently in the jumper they "borrowed" from the SGC, while red Mars hangs bright above them.
18. With ropes and handcuffs and strategically placed feathers in Cam's guest room after his parents *finally* leave.
19. Giggling (yes, really giggling this time) in a hut on an alien world after stumbling into the local inhabitant's annual fertility celebration and accidentally inhaling some aphrodisiacs. (Fortunately, they were the only ones there and the locals saw nothing unusual about their pairing.)
20. High from a day of flying, in the back seat of a sedan under Earth's lone crescent moon.
21. Ever-so-quietly in a bathroom stall in the Georgia Dome while SG1 sits in the stands watching the end of the game.
22. Affectionately in the bedroom of the apartment John finally rents, a week before they get the message from Atlantis.
23. On the floor of the living room of John's apartment, after Cam spends the day helping him pick out furniture, with a blanket to prevent carpet burn.
24. Comfortably in the shower at Cam's place, the night before John left him and all of Earth behind to save Atlantis. (He found the note that night.)
25. Hauntingly in John's dreams, the first night he's reinstalled as the military commander of Atlantis.
26. Gratefully in the restroom of a Colorado Springs bar that Cam dragged John out to after he returned from his father's funeral. No tenderness, no tears.
27. Laughing and teasing in Cam's childhood bedroom while his parents were out doing some last minute Christmas shopping.
28. Floating gently on a boat in the warmth of the Florida Keys, where they spent the rest of their vacation.
29. Teasing and laughing in John's childhood room, on a surprise visit after a surprise invitation from Dave.
30. In the prickly golden hay of the stables.
31. On the trails near John's childhood home, leaning against a tree while the horses waited patiently near by.
32. Urgently in a supply closet in the SGC, thirty minutes before John's due to return to Atlantis.
33. In the searing heat of the Middle East, or so it seemed to Cam until he woke up from the drug-induced hallucination that the natives of P8B Z7Y forced on him.
34. Comfortably in Cam's quarters aboard the Daedalus, on his next run to Atlantis.
35. In a recreation room on Atlantis, after losing a game of strip poker to Teyla.
36. Sweetly on Cam's parents' back lot, lying in the warm, scented grass. (But fully dressed--Cam had learned his lesson years before.)
37. Carefully, on the back of Cam's motorcycle, surrounded by sun and empty miles of fields.
38. Wordlessly in a hotel room in D.C., shortly before the SGC--and the impending Ori invasion--is revealed to the public. They put on their best professional faces for the press conference the next day.
39. Fiercely in an apartment that Cam rented shortly after Earth fell.
40. In a resistance safe-house in Colorado Springs in the molasses-slow time until they could make their move.
41. Slowly in the car, passing time on the long drive to Denver.
42. In an anonymous hotel room in San Diego, killing time before the other resistance members were due.
43. Aggressively in an abandoned house in Austin, after a narrow escape from the Ori.
44. Quick and slow round and round as the train travels across the country, spreading word of the plan to the cells lying in wait.
45. Gently in the new apartment John and Cam acquired when the Ori discovered the old one, three days after the defeat of the Ori, when John sneaks out of the hospital.
46. Sweetly in a hotel in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower, on the quiet trip John and Cam take after the elation over the defeat of the Ori dies down and they're no longer daily news.
47. Silently in the guest room of Cam's cousin's house, after DADT was finally repealed and Cam started introducing John to his extended family.
48. In John's cabin in the woods, after he realized there was no going back and certainly not back to Atlantis.
49. Swaying on the boat that John and Cam bought after Cam realized he couldn't keep up in the field for much longer, and decided he didn't want to finish out his career sitting behind a desk.
50. Quick and slow, harsh and tender, in dozens of cities around the world, as the two of them keep moving.

Tags: fandom: sg1/sga, fanfic, fic type: slash, pairing: cam/john
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