skieswideopen (skieswideopen) wrote,

I Love You Like Pancakes

Created for the scifiland "I Love You Like Pancakes" bingo challenge.

1. Pair


2. Villain


3. Green


4. Hair


5. Your Choice (Team)


6. Repeat

7. Cold


8. I Love You Like Pancakes
My Stargate OTP is John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell. It's a bit of an odd pairing in that they only had about a minute of shared screen time, and while they were friendly enough, it was pretty casual shared time. Nonetheless, they seem to fit well: both pilots, both in the Stargate program, both a bit out of place in their initial roles in the program, but both proving their competence along the way. Apart from common experiences, they seem well-suited to each other: Cam with his need to take care of people, John who seems to need someone to take care of him, John's wry sense of humour against Cam's somewhat broader humour, and hey, both of them are hot. Shallow, but still.

9. Smarter Than

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