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Life, Death, and In-Between

Created for scifiland's multimedia bingo:

Robot | Ice Cream | Your Choice

BAMF | Death | Life


This must be how it felt to be God, Zoe thought in wonder as the virtual world reformed around her. To see one's will made real, made visible, made flesh. Well, not quite flesh in this place, but real enough for her.

Trees grew, mountains rose, flowers blossomed. All at her thought. Every whim could be filled here, every thought given shape. It was intoxicating.

Briefly, she flashed back on what it had been like to create the avatar she was now. That moment of inspiration when she'd realized how to do what she wanted was nothing compared to this.


Cam had thought that Sam transferring to Atlantis would make things easier. They'd been edging near a relationship for so long without daring to quite cross over--dancing around but not quite touching--that he'd come to see being on the same team as the main challenge to being together. Once she was off SG-1, that barrier was gone. Except, as it turned out, carrying on an inter-galactic relationship was not quite as easy as he'd hoped. He told himself that being allowed to kiss her but unable was better than being physical able but bound by regulations.

Some days he even believed it.


It wasn't fear, Rodney told himself as the stargate spun and the chevrons were called off. Not fear that made his palms sweat and his breathing catch. No, this was excitement. He was witnessing the culmination of years of work; the highlight of his life thus far! On the other side of that gate lay wonders beyond his wildest dreams. Technology the exploration of which would guarantee him his Nobel prize...if he ever made it back to Earth.

He tried hard not to think of some of the darker stories he'd heard whispered about the things SG teams had found out in the Milky Way. Because he was not going to stay behind.

Science trumped fear. Every time.

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