skieswideopen (skieswideopen) wrote,

One Last Bingo

Last sign-up for a while, I swear! And the only reason I signed up for this one was because there are NO deadlines, which means I can complete it at my leisure. Plus cheating is encouraged and you triple your points if you use They Fight Crime! as your inspiration. Really, how could I resist?

Below the cut, my [community profile] fanbingo card.

I'm enjoying the possibilities in the bottom row, and I love apocafic, so I may try the vertical there. And the second row down looks like it might be fun too. (I'm not aiming for a blackout here; even without deadlines that seems a little too ambitious for me.)

I'll start working on that after I finish my current exchange and auction fic.

Suggestions? Requests? I make no promises, but I'll consider them. My track record on finishing this stuff is pretty bad, though.

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Tags: challenge: fan bingo

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