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Ficlets for sg1_smooch & sga_smooch

I asked for prompts for pairings for sg1_smooch, and this is what I got. Posted here, there, and over at sga_smooch as appropriate.

Kiss You Red
John/Vala, PG-13, 380 words
With thanks to virkatjol and miz_tith for their help in brainstorming.

It was a good kiss: warm, sensual, with just the right amount of tongue. He'd subtract a couple of points for the surprise value--he preferred to be able to savour the anticipation a bit--but the kiss itself was definitely heading for his top ten list.

Fingers threaded around the back of his neck, pulling him closer, and her lips parted just a little more as she pressed up against him, warm and soft and so very, very willing.

Okay, maybe top five.

John had to suppress a groan of disappointment when Vala finally pulled away, tongue running along her bottom lip as she stepped out of reach and cocked her head appraisingly.

"Not bad," she said. "You'll do."

He felt like he should say something. Perhaps ask what had prompted her to kiss him, or whether he'd need to watch his back around any members of SG-1 now, or if there was any chance at all that she'd want to do that again in the near future.

By the time he could form the words, she'd already slipped out of the room.

"Hey," said a voice from the doorway. Jackson. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," John said. He rubbed the back of his neck. He could still feel the warmth of Vala's lips again his. "I was just--"

"Vala," Jackson said, as if her name were an explanation unto itself. Which maybe it was. "I saw her leave. Was she bothering you?"

That wasn't exactly the word John would use for it. "No. She was just..." He wasn't quite sure what Vala had been doing. There hadn't actually been much conversation involved.

Jackson shoved his glasses up and stepped closer, studying John. "Let me guess...she got you with the kiss routine."

John flushed and hoped that Jackson and Vala weren't...but Jackson was grinning.

"Have you checked your wallet?" he asked.

John froze, silently cursing himself for his gullibility, then reached for his wallet and flipped through it. "She's good," he said at last. "She got my gold card and nothing else."

"That's Vala for you," Jackson agreed. "You might want to put a hold on it. She won't be able to get off-base, but Vala and eBay are like this." He held up two intertwined fingers for John's inspection.

John shrugged. "I don't really have anything else to spend my money on."

"Up to you," Jackson said doubtfully.

"Besides," John added, "I kind of want to see what she does when she gives the card back."

Just a Kiss Away
Sam/John, R, 190 words

Sam was tempted to blame the wine. Athosian wine was strong by Earth standards, and Teyla had produced a substantial quantity of it in honour of Sam's brief return to Atlantis with the Hammond.

The truth, however, was that she'd limited herself to one small glass and she knew John had done the same; neither of them was in a position to get hammered past the ability to respond to an emergency. Which robbed her of a very convenient excuse to explain how both of them heading back to their respective rooms had turned into John shoving her up against the back of his door while the two of them kissed frantically.

She slid her arms free of his grasp and reached up, pulling his head in closer, fingers tangled in his hair. He responded by running his hands down her sides to her hips and then slid around, pulling her closer, grinding against her. She gasped as his teeth grazed her lip ever so lightly, and damn, the man knew how to kiss.

Well, it wasn't like she was his CO anymore.

Maybe she didn't need an excuse.

All the White Horses
Cam/Carolyn, PG, 450 words

"I think that's it," her father said, shuffling the papers in front of him. He looked over at Cam sternly. "I trust you'll take care of the place while I'm gone, Colonel."

"Yes, sir," Cam said, sharp but relaxed. Carolyn had always been impressed by how easily he pulled off that particular contradiction. Of course, that was part of the reason he did so well in the Air Force; he always managed to come across as both taking things seriously and being in control. Destined for the top, her father had told her once, just as long as he didn't get himself killed first. She'd winced a little when he said it, because she'd always sworn she wasn't going to subject herself to her mother's life or her mother's marriage. No military men. Or women. That was rule number one. And definitely, definitely no one with ambitions toward the general's chair.

Her father knew that, of course, which was why he could sit in a meeting with his Chief Medical Officer and the man he was leaving in charge of the SGC, giving them both last-minute instructions, and never once suspect that fifteen minutes earlier they'd been locked in her office making out, or that they'd be leaving the SGC together tonight, unscheduled off-world activations and injured SGC teams permitting.

(She didn't actually think her father would disapprove of her dating Cam, exactly. But she didn't really want the advice he would feel compelled to give her if she gave him access to her personal life, and she definitely didn't want to subject Cam to The Talk that she knew her father would insist on once he found out. Not unless and until things got a lot more serious than they were right now.)

Her father stood, and Cam stood with him. Carolyn waited a beat longer before standing too. Her subtle reminder that he might be her boss, but she still wasn't military.

"I'll be back in a week," her father said. "But you know how to reach me if you need to."

"We'll be fine, sir," Cam said. "Enjoy your vacation."

She gave her father a slow ten-count after he left the room, checked the window for idlers, and then pushed Cam back into his chair, sank onto his lap, and kissed him long and slow. He smiled at her when she finally pulled back to catch her breath, hands around her waist, steadying her, and then his smile faded a bit as he looked up at the security camera overhead.

"Hey, you're in charge for the week, " she said playfully. "I'm sure you can find a way to deal with that."

All In
Sam & Cam, PG, 180 words (John/Cam)

Cam was pacing the room restlessly when Sam arrived.

"Hey, it's almost time. You ready?"

He stopped mid-step and swiveled to face her. "Yeah."

"You look good," she said, stepping up and running a hand down his already-straight tie. "Nervous?"

"Nah," he said. He pressed his hands against his thighs and drew in a deep breath. "Maybe a little."

"There's still time if you've changed your mind," Sam said. "Your car's right outside. I can hold off the guests while you make a run for it."

Cam laughed. "I'm not sure there's anywhere I could go that would be far enough to escape my mother if I ran out on my own wedding. Or Teal'c, for that matter. Did you know this is how he gets with weddings? I swear he and my mother have spent so much time bonding over wedding magazines that it's scary." His expression shifted into something more serious. "But I do appreciate the offer."

"What else are friends for?" Sam said. She stretched up and kissed him on the cheek. "Let's go. You wouldn't want to keep John waiting."

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