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Random (Mostly) Fannish Things

1. [personal profile] sid is playing host this week over at [community profile] fic_promptly. Today's theme is When I'm Sixty-Four (i.e., future fic). Go leave some prompts! Or maybe fill a prompt. Whichever you feel like doing.

2. The initial prompt claiming period at apocalypse_kree is now over, which means people are free to claim additional prompts if they want to. So if you had your eye on a second or third prompt, now's your chance to grab it.

3. With only three hours left in the voting, it looks like Vala is going to beat Rodney at the clubstargate character brackets. It's a bit of a shock, but I've been rooting for Vala since Rodney beat Sam, so I'm happy to see it. This means the final round is going to come down to Vala versus John, which should be interesting. (clubstargate is the social community for stargateland, so non-SGL members won't be able to see the results.)

4. This very Keirsey/Myers-Briggs-esque Harry Potter sorting quiz puts me in House Ravenclaw (64% Ravenclaw, 53% Hufflepuff, 46% Slytherin and 35% Gryffindor). No real surprise there.

5. Pew Internet has just released a report on cellphones and individual facts keep popping up on my Twitter feed and all I can think is that my refusal to get a smartphone (which is really a refusal to pay exorbitant data plan rates, because I do love gadgets and smartphones themselves are very appealing) is making me feel very, very old.

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