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More signal boosting

Once of these days I'll post content again.

First up, spook_me | [personal profile] spook_me opened for sign-ups today (LJ | DW). This is a pick-your-fandom Halloween challenge, and possibly one of the most laid back challenges ever.

I started an SGA/SG1 story featuring a mad scientist a couple of years ago. Maybe I'll try to finish that this year. Or maybe I'll switch fandoms...Janette vs. the mad scientist? Could be fun.

There's also a fest going on for women that fandom hates. I suspect we can all think of a few female characters who qualify.

1. tvrealm. Want to limit your land comm commitment without limiting which shows you can use? Unable to find a landcomm that lets you use your favourite shows? tvrealm is for you! Four teams, anything on television. Season two beginning now.

2. fantasyverse. For all your Supernatural and vampire needs. (Well, and other things too, but that's what's likely to appeal to my flist.)

3. scifiland. All science fiction, all the time.

4. stargateland. I help run this one, so I'm partial to it.

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