skieswideopen (skieswideopen) wrote,

More Enabling

FLYBOYS! Sign-ups are now open for the fifth annual John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell thing-a-thon! Although everyone on my flist who cares has probably already seen that. I've signed up, but I'm not sure about my prompts. I may change them.

I've also been checking out tropeathon, which is currently taking prompts for the trope "Pretending to be Married," and thinking about which pairings I might prompt. Daniel/Vala? Cam/Vala? Sam/Vala? John/Vala? (Vala is really just perfect for this challenge.) Or maybe John/Sam? Lee/Kara? Lee/Sam? Jane/Lisbon? Jane/Cho? So many (hilarious) possibilities...

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Tags: evil enabler
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