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Way Back in Season 3

I was rewatching "Sateda" recently, and I got to the point where Teyla says John lacks social skills, and...I'm trying to figure out where that comes from, 'cause I can't find any evidence of it in the show. Everything I've seen--the first meeting with the Athosians, giving Elizabeth a birthday gift, John's easy friendships with his (dead) colleagues in "Home," hanging out with Ronon, his interactions with his team and other people on Atlantis--suggests to me that his social skills are quite good. People seem to like him, and he doesn't strike me as really struggling in social situations. Now, if you want to call him introverted, or emotionally uncommunicative, or reluctant to form intimate relationships, I could get behind that. We certainly don't see him going around talking about his feelings, and I don't think that's just because the writers didn't bother showing us those scenes. But socially inept? I don't see it. Am I missing something?
Tags: episode commentary, fandom: sga, meta
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