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Genre Swapping

For tvrealm:

Science Fiction to Fantasy: Battlestar Galactica

Word Count: 505

Once upon a time there was a land of twelve kingdoms. Each kingdom was known for something different: one the sophistication and complexity of its political sphere, one for the devoutness of its inhabitants, one for its flowing fields of grain, and so forth. Relations were not always smooth between the kingdoms; from time to time, they fought and the wars, while short-lived, were often bloody. The fighting ended, however, on the day that the dragons they had bred as their servants rose up in rebellion. The first dragon war was vicious, and the dragons nearly victorious until they suddenly seemed to give up and fly off. For the next forty years, peace reigned and the twelve kingdoms prospered, some more than others. And then, one day, the dragons returned.

The return of the dragons marked the end of the twelve kingdoms; the dragons burned them to the ground. The only survivors were the handful of people who had the good luck to be in the magically-powered airships that were used for travel between the twelve kingdoms. Most of the ships were civilian vessels, who could only hide and flee in the face of the dragon attack. The one military vessel that survived was an ancient airship leftover from the first Dragon War. Gradually, the remaining civilian airships gathered around the military airship--the Galactica--and together the fleet set out in search of a new land safe from dragons.

Prior to the attack, the twelve kingdoms had been governed by High King Adar. The high king and his entire family were wiped out in the attack, as were the individual monarchs of each of the Twelve Kingdoms. With the rest of the Advisory Council presumed dead, former Advisory Council member Roslin ascended to the role of Prime Minister and took over all governing of the Fleet.

Her power was not, however, absolutely. Counter-balancing her power over civic affairs was Bill Adama, commander of the Galactica and the senior-most surviving officers in the Joint Air Force.

Other major figures among the survivors included Gaius Baltar, a well-known wizard; and Kara Thrace and Lee Adama, both officers in the Joint Air Force. Baltar was quickly recruited to serve as an adviser to the new Prime Minister, asked to solve such diverse problems as finding new fuel source to keep the airships aloft and determining the best way to fight the dragons should the fleet be found.

Life was hard in the refugee fleet. They had been unprepared for such an attack and had few supplies. The terrain they crossed was harsh, offering little in the way of food or water. And always behind them were the dragons. But the greatest threat facing them was the discovery that a handful of dragons had mastered the art of shapeshifting. Where once dragons could be easily identified by their broad wings and scales, how it was possible for them to walk among the survivors, spying and spreading dissent. Little threatened their survival as much as their inability to trust each other.

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