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And so far I'm kind of annoyed. Mostly with the way they went about making the main character completely ignorant of everything. I realize that dramatically, that can be useful, but here you've got a guy whose aunt has raised him from age twelve, presumably knowing that he'd inherit the family "gift" when she died, and she doesn't do a thing to prepare him? Not a hint, not a warning, not a helpful story? He's expected to spend his life chasing monsters without knowing anything about them? I mean, I'm not a fan of the John Winchester boot camp-esque monster-hunting school of child-rearing, but surely there's a happy medium to be found somewhere?

And this is doubly true when apparently part of the job is not getting close to anyone for fear of endangering them. She lets him get engaged without a word, and then shows up suddenly and tells him he needs to abandon his fiancée? What would have happened if she'd died in another five or ten years? "Sorry, nephew, but you need to walk away from your lovely wife and two children and never see any of them ever again because your presence endangers them?"

Maybe they'll address this in future episodes. Maybe we'll find out there was another relative the aunt believed would inherit the gift, and then that relative died suddenly leaving him as the only viable candidate. Maybe there will be a curse that kept her silent until she was dying. I don't know. But I'd really like them to come up with an explanation, because this situation seems kind of ridiculous.

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