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SG-1 Kissing Ficlets

Some hurriedly-written kissing ficlets for sg1_smooch, because today's the last day. I'll try to get one or two more done for amnesty.

A Kiss and a Plan
Cam & Vala, R, 350 words
For virkatjol, who just wanted Cam/Vala.

Cam adjusted his clothing again, trying to get the seams straight. "This is never going to work."

Vala smiled and hooked her arm through his, tugging him toward the mirror. "May I remind you, darling, that posing as a couple at the party was your idea."

Cam followed her reluctantly. "That was before I knew that the Telens were in the middle of a damn fertility festival. A small detail that you forgot to mention."

"Relax," she said, studying their reflections with a critical eye. She pulled her own shirt down a bit, exposing more cleavage. "It's not as if we're expected to have sex in front of the rest of the guests. You just have to act as if you're attracted to me." She glanced meaningfully at the crotch of the very tight pants she had picked out as the only acceptable attire for the party.

"Oh no," he protested, flushing. "We are so not going there."

"Cameron. You do want us to look like we belong, don't you?"

"Not that badly. Look, we're not looking to form lifelong friendships here. We just have to get in, meet our contact, get the intel, and get out."

"Well, yes, but we'll blend in much better if--"


He thought for a moment she was going to pout, but then she smiled instead. It was a warning, of course, but by the time he'd interpreted it, she already had him up against the wall, her body pressed against him, her mouth warm on his.

He closed his eyes, kissed her back, and thought about the specs Sam had shown him for the 302 upgrades. It was enough. Barely.

Vala stepped back with a disappointed air. "Well, at least you know how to kiss," she said. "But don't blame me if they don't even let us in."

"I have faith that you'll manage to talk your way in," Cam said dryly. He reached over and held up two slips of cardboard. "Besides, we have invitations, remember?"

"Well, if you want to take the easy way in--"

"That is exactly what I want," he said. He caught his eyes drifting downward and snapped his attention back to her face. It was going to be a long evening. "Let's go."

Sam & Teal'c, PG, 235 words
For [personal profile] scrollgirl's prompt "An alien made me do it! But I liked it."

"So about earlier today," Sam began, pushing her fruit salad around the bowl.

"Indeed." Teal'c set his spoon down carefully and turned toward her, giving her his full and courteous attention. Sam shifted awkwardly and wished he'd just kept eating. Now she couldn't keep focusing on her own tray without feeling incredibly rude.

"The mission, I mean," she said, looking up to meet his eye and trying not to blush.


It was amazing how one word could contain so much meaning or so little without any change in tone.

"The Varia's request."

Teal'c inclined his head.

"I...I just don't want things to be awkward between us."


She thought that one was agreement. Maybe. Or it could just be his way of politely calling her an idiot for still thinking about it. She didn't know him well enough yet to tell. She wondered if she could get Daniel to write a translation guide. 'The Thousand Meanings of Indeed.' "It was a nice kiss," she offered. It had been too. Unexpected, but nice.

Teal'c hesitated. Sam waited for the inevitable.

"I also found it quite pleasant, Captain Carter."

Or not. "Well, good, then." She wondered if this kind of thing was going to be a standard part of planetary exploration. She was hoping not--not because of the kissing, but because she wasn't sure how many of these conversations she could stand to have.

Warm Hands, Slow Kiss
Cam/Amy, PG-13, 400 words
Originally written for tvrealm

Amy could feel herself tensing up the moment Cam's lips touched hers. She knew he could feel it too. Relax, she ordered herself, trying to will her body into submission. She ran her hands up Cam's chest and down his shoulders, fingers tracing lightly over muscle, trying desperately to focus on the moment, and not on thoughts of her ex-husband. (Ted had worked out too. The similarity in their builds was almost enough to make her think she had a type.)

Cam pulled back, breaking the kiss. Blue eyes focused on her in concern. God, how she'd dreamt about those eyes in high school! And she'd had a few fantasies since then too, especially after the reunion. None of them had ended like this.

"Are you okay?" Cam asked.

She looked down from his gaze, focused on the rise and fall of his chest. "Yeah," she said. She was. Sort of. Or she would be, if she could just get the image of Ted out of her head. Damn it, she was not going to let her ex-husband spoil the moment she'd been dreaming of for twenty years.

Cam touched her arm gently. "You know we don't have to do anything, right? I've got a guest room. You're welcome to stay there, and we can just hang out for the rest of the evening. Or I can find you a hotel room--"

"God no," Amy interrupted, looking up again. That was definitely not what she'd been thinking when she'd accepted his invitation to spend the weekend in Colorado Springs. She was pretty sure that hadn't been what Cam had been thinking either. "Look, I want this. I want to be here. I just...I haven't done this with anyone since my divorce. It's a little strange, you know?" She hadn't done this with too many people before Ted either. He hadn't been her one and only, but it had been close. They'd met young and married straight out of college, and she, at least, had been faithful. It had left her a little curious at times, wondering what she'd missed out on. She thought she might find out tonight. At least some of it. From the way she shivered beneath Cam's touch, she thought she'd been missing out on quite a lot. "I'll be fine, if we just...take it slow."

Cam smiled, looking relieved. "I can do slow," he said, and leaned in to prove it.

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