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Things For Me

I got all sorts of lovely holiday fic this year, and didn't mention any of it here. So I thought I'd correct that now.

brightknightie wrote a fantastic Forever Knight story for me - Scrubbed Clean and honestly, it's worth reading even if you don't know the show. It's set in 1275 and it's all outsider POV and it's a spectacular exploration of the price vampires extract from the people around them even when they don't kill them.

penknife wrote Deck the Halls - SGA John & Sam friendship Christmas fic, and it's adorable and an absolutely perfect depiction of Sam.

lilyleia78 wrote Lessons from the Playground with adorable kid!John.

cantarina1 wrote Drag and Lift which is a fantastic Cam & Sam friendship story looking at their days in the Air Force Academy and it's a nice look at how they might have been then while still being recognizably themselves.

[personal profile] bluflamingo wrote a lovely John/Cam + Vala/Sam Christmas ficlet in which Cam takes Vala home for Christmas (and I still kind of want to see the outcome of that visit).

tesserae_ wrote very sweet John/Cam domestic post-Christmas fic: and it's time to take the tree down.

And finally, [personal profile] colls made me a fantastic John/Cam vid!

I think that's it. If missed anyone, I apologize! It wasn't intentional.

(ION, I got a new Dreamwidth layout and it's very pretty.)

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