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Criminal Minds: Prentiss

Ten Character Meme

This one seems to be spreading. Snagged from [personal profile] scrollgirl and [personal profile] bluflamingo.

1. I write down a list of 10 characters.

2. You choose however many of those you like and ask me a question about them. Examples: "What happens when 5 and 9 are forced to take care of a baby?" or "1, 4, and 8 walk into a bar. What happens next?" or "What does 3 do when s/he finds out that 10 is pregnant with 7's child?" You get the idea. :D

3. I tell you about these scenarios!
Criminal Minds: Prentiss


From [info - personal] bluflamingo:

Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."
I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity
Update your journal with the answers to the questions
Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

She asked:

1. If you could change one thing on Atlantis, what would you change?

You mean other than finding a way to get Cam there? And putting him and John on somewhat equal footing? (Hmm, I guess that would mean putting Sam in charge, and then putting both of them under her in different areas. And if we saw more of Sam, and of the three of them working together, that would be fantastic too.)

2. Where's your favourite place in Canada?

I haven't been west of Toronto or up to the Territories, so I'm missing huge swathes of the country, and it's possible that if I were to visit, say, Victoria or Yellowknife, I'd fall in love. Given those limitations, I'm going to say that Toronto is my favourite place. I love the life and the diversity and the amazing restaurants and the fact that I generally feel safe walking around by myself at 2am, and I'm really happy to be living here.

Halifax and Quebec City are both close runners-up.

3. Who's the most interesting character on Criminal Minds?

Most interesting? Depends on the episode... My favourite characters are Hotch and Prentiss, so I tend to be the most interested in them. Probably a little more in Prentiss, since I feel like we've seen less of her, and I'd like to know how she progressed from a teenage gothic rebel to FBI agent. I'm also kind of fascinated by Strauss, after the most recent episode.

4. Desert island fandom: what's the one fandom you'd take with you (not the actual show/book/whatever)

Can I just take my one little corner of the SGA fandom? This is the fandom where I've had the most interaction, so I'm kind of partial to it. Plus surely fans of a show about an expedition to a lost city have put more than average thought into how to survive in desert island scenarios. But some of the story finder requests scare me, and I think I'd like to leave those people behind.

5. Is it better to be cold and dry or warm and wet?

Depends...can I take steps to change my state? If so, I'd say cold and dry, since throwing on extra layers is easy. If not, then I think I'd go with warm and wet. But maybe that's just because it's November and I know I'm looking forward to months of cold.
John and his toys, SG: John and his toys

Top Five Meme

I was out until 7am celebrating a high school friend's impending wedding via a road trip to Niagara Falls. I'm supposed to be meeting up with more friends this afternoon for Taste of the Danforth (i.e., standing in the street eating lots of Greek food, mostly meat on skewers) and again tonight for the UFC fight, assuming I can stay awake that long.

So, since I'm too awake to sleep more and too tired to actually think, I'm going to play in the meme that's going around.

Ask me my Top Five anything--fannish or non-fannish--and I'll answer in a new post.
Gen: Owl

Fic Snippet Meme

There's a WIP meme going around, and since I have plenty of those, I thought I'd play. So...lines and snippets from various stories that I started and haven't yet finished. Five of the nine are John/Cam, three are gen, and one is another pairing. Two are from challenges (not exchanges) whose deadlines are now past, one is from a cliche_bingo fic, one is from my [info - community] cm_tropefic fic, and a couple are from stories I'm writing just for fun. At some point I'd like to finish all of these.

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Star Trek

Star Trek Meme

Ganked from [personal profile] scrollgirl.

1. List the Star Trek series that you have seen. Indicate if you've seen all the episodes or some of them.
The Original Series: Most, maybe all.
The Animated Series: There's an animated series?
The Next Generation: Most, maybe all.
Deep Space Nine: Many. I missed some in the later seasons.
Voyager: Quite a few.
Enterprise: Some. I can't really be more specific than that.

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