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Looking for a place to land

External Services:
  • skieswideopen@livejournal.com
  • ljskieswideopen@gmail.com

This journal is a mix of personal and fannish posts, with the ratio varying according to my interests and available time. The fannish stuff is mostly public and the personal stuff is mostly locked. Feel free to friend and de-friend at will. I often friend people back if we have something in common and if your journal is actively updated, or I know you from somewhere.

My email address is lj_skieswideopen [AT] yahoo [DOT] ca.

Fic Index

Stuff I Make
Mostly I write fanfic. Occasionally I do other things. Most of my fic is over at AO3, although there are a few smaller things that can only be found here. If you're really curious, you can find most of them here.

Stuff I Watch
Currently Watching: Dark Matter, Killjoys, Private Eyes, Saving Hope, Wynonna Earp

Older/Other Favourites: Battle Creek, Battlestar Galactica, Being Human (US/Canada), Due South, Justified, Forever, Forever Knight, Fringe, Intelligence (US), Life, The Listener, The Mentalist, Stargate

Check my interests for a more complete list of shows I have watched and sometimes loved.